2014 Grammys

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I watched the Grammys in lieu of writing a blog post tonight, so I’ll share the songs/artists I would have chosen to win all the awards.

Best new artist: Lorde

Best new song by someone I should probably be paying more attention to: Follow Your Arrow, Kacey Musgraves

(I couldn’t find a proper video of her performance, but it’s probably better without the lampshade dress anyway.)

Most meaningful song: Same Love, Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert

Best live performance: P!nk, literally anything she performs

Best song: All Too Well, Taylor Swift

Best album: The Blessed Unrest, Sara Bareilles

I hope those of you who watched enjoyed the performances. There are some truly amazing talents out there.

Cousinly Love

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Today, I did not have the energy – physical or emotional – do anything I had planned to do with my Saturday. I, instead, had every intention of staying in bed until Sunday, and hope my mood would change. Then my cousin texted me.

He lives in New Jersey now, and was driving into Manhattan for a bit, and wanted to know if I wanted to see a movie with him. And at that moment, I was so sure, that him asking me to hang out was the only thing that could have gotten me out of bed today.

And I’m so glad I did. We didn’t even do anything spectacular or mind-blowing. We just hung out. We had a few drinks, grabbed dinner, went to see a movie. The movie wasn’t even anything to write home about. We saw Ride Along, and it was funny and all, but it was kind of just like paying to sit somewhere different from where we had been sitting previously. But it was just nice to be with him. He’s eleven months younger than me, so we’ve been best friends for as long as I can remember. He’s always been able to make me laugh, and he gives amazing hugs.

And today, I really needed to laugh, and I really needed an amazing hug.

I love it when the universe throws out a life preserver when it can see that you’re starting to sink.

Strangers Aren’t Always Strange

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“Don’t talk to strangers.”

They tell you that as soon as you’re big enough to toddle off on your own. Don’t wander off, don’t go anywhere with anyone you don’t know, and DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS.

Then you graduate college. You wander off to a new city, go to work in a place with a bunch of people you don’t know, and LIVE WITH TOTAL STRANGERS. Live with them! In your home where you sleep!

Okay maybe this isn’t how it works everywhere. Maybe it’s uniquely New York. But sometimes I’ll be telling someone about the girls I lived with my first year out of college, and how two of them I think I saw three times each the year I lived there and that I definitely couldn’t pick them out of a lineup, and realize that it’s actually kind of a really weird thing. It didn’t feel all that weird at the time – and honestly, doesn’t feel weird now. But I feel like it should feel weird. It kind of goes against everything they taught us.

For example, in September, my roommate of three years (a friend from undergrad, not a stranger) moved out to live with her boyfriend, and a stranger moved in. She was a friend of a friend of a friend, so I had it on somewhat good authority that she wasn’t a serial killer, but I had spent all of five minutes in her presence, when she came to see the apartment, before we were living together. (Insert lesbian U-Hauling joke here.)

ALSO she came equipped with a part-time-live-in boyfriend! They could have tag-team serial killed me!

But in New York, when you need someone to split the rent, you kind of take it on their word that they’re not going to cannibalize you or start dealing black market organs from your common living space. Sometimes it might not work out, but sometimes you find yourself feeling awfully lucky that the universe decided to cross your paths.

Five months ago, I didn’t know my roommate from a whole in the wall. Last night, I spent the evening drinking wine with her and feeling so totally comfortable it was as though we’d known each other for years. But with the added bonus of having endless options of conversation topics, since we haven’t had all that many chances to sit down and get to know each other one on one.

So maybe living with total strangers is totally strange. But maybe totally strange isn’t all that bad.

Besides, everyone’s a stranger ’til they’re not.