Reading a Terrible Book is like Being in a Bad Relationship

First, you get seduced by fancy looks or a catchy name.  You may have heard a compliment or two that made you think it would be interesting or worthwhile.  The physical connection is so familiar and exciting, but still different and new.  So, you get started.  It may go well in the beginning.  Even if it’s a little boring and awkward, you figure — well, it’s still early.

This is totally normal.

Then, as you get further in, you begin to realize that you’re actually kind of miserable.  Oh God, it’s like torture!  You don’t think you can go on…but you can’t just QUIT.  That would be giving up.  So you stick it out for a while longer.  It could get better!  As you dutifully truck along, you consider quitting so many more times.  You might even walk away.  However, without a sense of closure, you feel you should give it just ONE more chance.

This will end one of two ways.

Either you will swallow your pride and realize that no good will come of going any further.  Clearly, this isn’t going anywhere. There is no need to prolong the misery.  You take a deep breath, think of all the more fulfilling opportunities that could be waiting for you out there, and rip off the band-aid.

Or (as I am more prone to do), you will be strong and power through.  Despite the agony and the feeling that you are being dragged facedown across a river of broken glass with your eyes open, you go on.  Until finally…it ends.  Wait, what?  You stuck it out all this time and that’s it?!  It’s OVER?!  You feel betrayed. Defeated. So much time wasted, so much needless torture.

Alas, instead of wallowing in self-pity and mourning lost hours, it is best to simply move forward.  Though you may ask friends for advice or seek the help of experts, there is truly no avoiding it.  These things happen.  All we can do is try to be strong, and not let one bad experience ruin all the great ones we’ve had, and those that have yet to come.

~ by Valerie Anne on 09/21/2010.

5 Responses to “Reading a Terrible Book is like Being in a Bad Relationship”

  1. ZOINKS.

    Valerie, you’re so INSIGHTFUL. Everything in this is so true.

    See, you’re a brilliant blogger. So hush with all the self-doubt.

    …and really, bad books are JUST like bad relationships. I’d never have thought of it that way.

    • Why, thank you! This metaphor came to me as I tried one last time to get through more of One Fifth Avenue by Candice Bushnell and simply could no longer do it. I realized that I needed to just walk away, because keeping this book in my bag was just keeping me from discovering new and wonderful books that might have a plot and characters with any personality at all. This moment of clarity struck me as being quite similar to a realization I recently made in my personal life. And just like that, huzzah! A blog post.

      Thanks for being so supportive!!

      Also, thank you for saying “zoinks”. You’re pretty much my hero.

  2. 1) SUCH a great metaphor. I know the feeling and LOVE the comparison.
    2) I love your tags. Especially the Stephanie Meyer one. That was definitely a moment I encountered the feeling of being dragged facedown, eyes-open, over a river of glass. Yet I continued through, and as you said, it ended and I wondered why I wasted my time…
    3) You are an AMAZING blogger and can’t wait for more! 🙂

  3. […] Also, in case you were wondering, the post that received the most clicks overall was: Hold Me Close, Young Tony Danza!  Though it was a funny one, I’m pretty sure there was a glitch with this post as far as linking. I think it caught a spambot when I tweeted it so I’m not sure the numbers count. But the Gleecaps page is in second place, which is also exciting! Also among the top were some individual Gleecaps and Reading a Terrible Book is like Being in a Bad Relationship. […]

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