I want adventure in the great wide somewhere…

I want it more than I can tell. – Beauty and the Beast

I have loved the idea of ‘adventure’ for as long as I can remember.

When I was very young, most of my adventures happened in my imagination.  Much of this was through reading.  I would read about endeavors of the Babysitter’s Club, mysteries Nancy Drew solved and the frightening adventures of the characters in Goosebumps.

Sometimes, my imaginative adventures would transfer to real life – pretending the playground was a jungle or the narrow strip of grass along the side of our house was the path to an undiscovered land.  Either way, it was an escape from the ordinary – a break from the monotony of the everyday.

However, it wasn’t until two weekends ago that I truly understood the meaning of ‘adventure’.

My company went to Lake George for the weekend, and on the way back we split up the two twelve passenger vans as such – one was going straight back to the city [the “Lame Van”] and one was going to just go where the wind took it [the “Adventure Van”].

I was in said “Adventure Van” [there were 6 of us total] and it was honestly one of the best days of my life.  We had no plans, no destinations, we just did what we wanted when we wanted to.  We took a brochure with “Things to do near Lake George” and opened it and found the first interesting thing, a Crafts Fair.  While heading to the Crafts Fair, we stopped at a Lawn Sale.  We also saw a Haunted House we attempted to go to, but the ‘ghouls’ were on their lunch break.  The entire day was spur-of-the-moment and full of laughter, car games, and fun.  No time restrictions, no stress, just pure, spontaneous enjoyment of our surroundings.

Since then, I have been CRAVING adventure like a drug.  I realized, however, that you don’t need to take an entire day out of your life just to experience new and exciting things.  You can find a new adventure EVERY DAY.

So I’ve been trying to make a point to create my own adventures wherever I can.  A few days ago, I followed some signs that said “To Set” on my lunch break.  I didn’t end up finding what I was looking for, but it was a new route and I found some cool art on some scaffolding, so I considered that adventure a success. I’ve also been more open to chatting with strangers, and a week or two ago, I was early to see my friend in a show in the Village, so I stopped at a cute little diner for some dinner.  Instead of popping in my headphones like I normally would have, I chatted with the man behind the bar, which ended up involving the man a few stools down [an actor].  It felt like one of those perfect New York moments and I considered it a mini-adventure of my own.

I guess the point of this post is – seek out adventure. Small or large.  Whether it’s a day-to-day adventure like having a conversation with someone at work you don’t usually talk to or a life adventure like spontaneously stopping at an antique store with five new friends, DO IT. Don’t be afraid.

This is also part of the reason I haven’t posted as often as I had hoped I would have upon beginning this blog. I started this blog with a lot in my head I wanted to let out.  However, Adventure Day made me feel like I should be living less of life on the internet, and more out in the world.  Something I feel my generation has had an extremely hard time finding a balance between.  I am no different – I am addicted to the internet as much as my peers. I just have realized how much there is to see and hoping to find aforementioned balance.

I hope this all made sense to someone.  I hope that ANYONE who read this – even ONE person – tried something new after reading this.

Because Adventure can be found in ANY newness.

~ by Valerie Anne on 10/08/2010.

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