“I think this line’s mostly filler.”

So the other day I wrote like three drafts of posts all at once, then over the course of the next day, finished them and scheduled them to post one day after another. Instead of using this extra time to stay ahead of the game, I thought, “Sweet, now I don’t have to think of anything until Saturday!”

I came at this challenge like I have approached nearly every other long term task I’ve ever had – whether it was assigned to me or a self-proclaimed task.  Also, whether it’s something that affects my future [school or work] or a personal assignment [keeping my room clean for more than 42 hours]  At first? I’m all over it. Full of excitement and enthusiasm, even sometimes going above and beyond.  Then I develop a false sense of security and start to slack off.  Then, before you know it, I’m overwhelmed and behind and panicking.

Luckily, in this case, posting about how overwhelming the idea of posting about something different EVERY SINGLE DAY totally counts as a post. And it will buy me some time to come up with something creative and awesome.

Or at least something different.

Also, posting this is keeping me from having to clean my war-zone of a room.

They don’t call me Master Procrastinator for nothin’.

Though, I never give up.  I’ll give me that.  I’ll put things off and procrastinate and whine and moan about it, but I’ll eventually do it. Whether it’s today or tomorrow, my room will get cleaned.  I WILL post every single day, even though approximately 1.5 people read this blog as of right now.

Laziness and stubbornness are a very interesting combination of traits to have.  They can lead to a vicious cycle of short-lived spurts of determination, and inevitable failure.  I can CLEAN my room.  And it will practically sparkle.  I just can’t seem to KEEP my room clean.

Maybe I’ll clean half of my room now and half later.  Or maybe I’ll put on a musical movie and clean while I’m dancing and singing.  That always looks like it works in the movies.


~ by Valerie Anne on 11/13/2010.

4 Responses to ““I think this line’s mostly filler.””

  1. That’s exactly how I am!!!! In fact I am reading this right now instead of cleaning my apartment.

  2. If I could be anyone other than me, I would want to be Mary Poppins. Also, I totally used to snap at my room when I was little too, but it never worked for me either…

    • I think it was kind of rude of them to show that Jane and Michael could snap-clean too. If they had left it at Mary Poppins, I wouldn’t have been so devastated to learn I couldn’t do it, since I also couldn’t fly via umbrella.

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