Dream Sequence, Part Five: The Final Chapter

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story The Rollercoaster of Doom.

Okay, I know that’s lame, but so were all the actual submitted titles, sooooo lay off.

And the dream was anything but lame.

This one is harder to describe because instead of a coherent linear and somewhat realistic storyline, it was more like a series of flashes and images.  Don’t be fooled – the emotions I felt during this dream were actually stronger than even the most intense moments of any of the other dreams.  I’ll do my best to recreate it, but it’s one of those things where I wish I could just plug other people into my brain and remember the dream as I saw/felt it to help them understand it, because describing it doesn’t seem to do it justice.

Here goes nothing.

The dream starts off somewhat out of the ordinary, but fairly happy.  My mother and I are on some sort of amusement park ride.  The cart that we’re sitting in looks like a rollercoaster cart, and we’re on a track, but we’re moving at a fairly slow pace and my mother is “driving” the cart.  And this wasn’t like those antique car rides where you can “steer” to some extent, but can’t actually ever go off track.  This was more like Mario Kart, where if you weren’t paying attention you could fall to your certain death.  Luckily, these carts were similar in many ways to driving cars, and like I said we weren’t going very fast, so I was very content with my mother in her familiar driver’s seat position and us taking in our surroundings.  As the ride goes deeper into the structure [as those slow adventure rides often do] it started to get a little darker.  The scenes around us start to get a little creepier.  The air starts to get a little cooler.  The cart starts to move a little faster.

Lights start flashing, as if someone turned on a strobe light in the darkness.


We speed up.


Loud music and sound effects start playing.


Faster still.


I look a little forward and to the right of our cart and I see that one of the figures in the scenery appears to be a skeleton.  I then realize that it’s alive and it smiles at me with an evil grin.


I can hear his maniacal laughter as we speed by.


I start to realize how insanely fast we are now going and realize that I’m a little scared, despite the fact that this was only an amusement park ride.  I look to my mother for some encouragement, and start to ask her to slow down a little.


She was gone.


There was no one in the driver’s seat!


The cart is still speeding up.


The music is getting louder and is now mixed in by the skeleton’s laughter.


I start to feel myself panic and I quickly whip my body around to see if my mother was anywhere in sight – maybe she jumped off and is standing somewhere behind us.


When I can’t see any signs of my mother, I turn back around, considering jumping into the driver’s seat myself to slow the cart down.


This time, however, there is someone in the drivers seat.


It’s the skeleton.


He’s not looking at where he’s steering at all, but instead is looking me directly in the eye, still sneering, and still laughing.


The cart going faster and faster and faster.


I can sense that at any second we were about to lose control and go flying off the tracks.


And then I would wake up.

Every time I would wake up shaking, breathing heavily and still feeling both the feeling of fearing for my life and the feeling of panic and abandonment from not knowing where my mother was.

This one took the longest to come down from.  The fear and the emotions were so intense, the flashing and the sounds and the feeling of wind in my face was all so chaotic and felt so real that even in the quiet of my room, I had a hard time coming to terms with reality.

And though it’s hard to tell, the feeling I had about my mother disappearing and a skeleton appearing was not that the skeleton did something to my mother.  It was that my mother had left me, disappeared and not cared that I was in a runaway rollercoaster cart with some sort of demonic creature on the loose.  This is why I mentioned earlier that my vampire dream in which my mother left my brother and I to ward off a pack of vampires on our own might be more relevant than I had previously thought.

Also unlike the alien and monster dreams, I have no idea what prompted this dream in the first place, let alone why I had it so many times. I loved roller coasters growing up [and still do] so it was never a fear of the ride itself.  I don’t remember ever feeling uneasy or unsafe in cars, especially with my mother.  And I had no reason to believe my mother would ever abandon me.  By the time I was 6 or 7, my mother was selling Tupperware full-time, so she mostly worked from home.  Even before that, when she had a regular job, I was either in pre-school or [if it was break or summer or something] I would be with my grandparents on the first floor apartment of our two family house, and she always came back.

So, I honestly don’t know where this dream came from, but it came often and with a vengeance.

I realize that reading it and never having experienced it, it probably sounds incredibly lame.  You just have to picture being very young and having a dream like this, I suppose.

Anyway, that’s the anticlimactic end to my Dream Sequence.  I hope you enjoyed some of it, because though it felt a little tedious at times, I really needed to get all of that out there.  I honestly have so many weird and disorienting dreams that I could probably have a separate blog just for them [a dream (b)log hahaha] but that would require morning writing before I lost all of the images, and quite frankly I’m lucky I remember to put on clothes in the morning.

Tomorrow it will be back to our regularly scheduled program…whatever that was…


P.S. Next time I do a sequence of any kind, I’m going to spread it out and not do it all in a row. I think it will be more suspenseful and/or exciting that way.


~ by Valerie Anne on 11/18/2010.

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