Feelin’ icky cause I’m sicky

Being sick as a grown up sucks.

Especially a single grown up.  I had to go to the store and buy my own medicine, my own tissues and my own orange juice.  I had to make my own soup and take my own temperature.

No one waiting on me, no one to pour me more juice when I ran out.


Though I did get to eat an entire half-pint of ice cream without anyone telling me it was a bad idea.

Ice cream I had to walk all the way to the store to get myself with a raging temperature of 99 degrees.  I was practically delusional.

Figures I get sick right before I’m about to go home for Thanksgiving.  So I’m sleeping a lot and chugging OJ, hoping to at least become well enough to be able to handle the bus ride without killing somebody.  After that, at least I’ll be home and my family can help heal me.


~ by Valerie Anne on 11/21/2010.

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