Bus Ride From Hell

Today I have to go on a bus back to Boston.  Generally, I have learned how to handle these bus rides with ease.  I can survive the four hours with my iPod, my cell phone [fully charged] and a snack.

But at four hours exactly? I hit a wall.

I swear, even if I didn’t have anything that told time, I’d know when the four hours were up. I get antsy and fidgety. I can no longer zone out to my music; I’m not interested in any snacks.   I wiggle and shift and feel bad for whoever is sitting next to me.

Which is why I was pretty sure I was in hell the last time I went home.

I’ve gotten pretty good at falling asleep on the bus, so I was out not too long after we left the bus stop in Manhattan.  I woke up about two hours later, and realized we were stopped in traffic.  I used the GPS on my phone to determine where we were to realize that we were still in the state of New York.  Normally after about 45 minutes to an hour, we’re in Connecticut.  This is not a good sign.

After being in dead-stopped traffic for about an hour, I texted my mom to see if she could find any reasons for these delays online.  At first she couldn’t find anything, but said she’d keep looking.

Since I could see the traffic on my phone, and how far into it we were, the entire back of the bus was chatting together, commiserating in our misfortune.  Then I start getting texts from my mom about a news break regarding the very highway we were practically parked on.

Apparently some idiots stole a car and got pulled over on the highway.  The guy then pulled a gun on the cop, the cop shot the guy, and the other two guys in the back seat took off, so the highway was being considered a crime scene.


We were detoured through the backwoods of CT, still not making any significant progress on the trip.  The worst part is, it’s nearly impossible to sleep in stop-and-go traffic.  After three hours of crawling along, we finally broke free and started moving at a regular bus-on-highway pace.  It was actually kind of amusing watching all of my new bus-buddies pass out cold within five minutes, with me following not too long afterwards.

Eventually, we made it into South Station. At 5am. NINE HOURS after our departure from New York. That’s FIVE extra hours.

I was not amused.

So here’s hoping that tonight’s bus ride is no more than five hours.  If I have to deal with another nine hour bus ride, I might just lose my mind.

~ by Valerie Anne on 11/23/2010.

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