Beautiful Thing’s Vomitory Story

Once upon a time a Man created a Beautiful Thing.

This Beautiful Thing was enjoyed by many for several years.  The world cried in unison when that Beautiful Thing had to come to an end, but this did not stop the world from appreciating it in any way possible.  They shared it and talked about it and remembered it fondly for years.

Okay, I might be exaggerating when I say “the world”.  But those who did love, loved dearly and faithfully.  I shall call them the Loyals.

Some Loyals even pretended it never ended and found ways to work it into their everyday lives. Some shared it with others who had never experienced the Beautiful Thing, making it seem brand new again.  Though it was over, it was Beautiful and wonderful enough to continue on in their hearts.

Then one day someone said they wanted to recreate this Beautiful Thing.  When rumors of this began to float about, the Loyals were hesitant but excited.  Though nothing could quite be as great as the original Beautiful Thing, any revisiting and freshness would be delightful.  We had dreams of it being exactly the same as the original Beautiful Thing, only newer.

Then we found out that this person who wanted to recreate the Beautiful Thing was not actually a Loyal.  An imposter.  Someone who claimed to be an appreciator of the Beautiful Thing,.  It soon became quite clear that this person was full of lies.  This person did not want to include any original parts of the Beautiful Thing.  Most insultingly, it did not want to use the Creator of the Beautiful Thing in this revisiting.

The Loyals are saddened by this news because whatever comes of this will not be beautiful at all. It will be an ugly thing that was supposedly inspired by the Beautiful Thing.  No Loyal would ever dream of doing anything related to the Beautiful Thing without the original pieces and the Creator of the Beautiful Thing.  It is appalling that it was even suggested.  Apalling.

If this ugly thing comes to fruition, it shall be ignored by the Loyals.  Perhaps we will go see it just to have firm ground to stand on when we mock it and shout about how it is nothing like the Beautiful Thing.  Perhaps we will boycott it to prove a point.

Whatever we do, we will be sad for the Creator and for the Beautiful Thing for a while.  Then we will move on and pretend the ugly thing never happened and go back to remembering and sharing and obsessing over loving the original, the wonderful, the only Beautiful Thing.

~ by Valerie Anne on 11/30/2010.

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