Maybe just another drink more…

So I didn’t post yesterday.

I have a good reason, I swear.

I started writing a post at work. I decided I would finish it and post it at home last night because I was only going to stop by the mixer our office was having with the design firm upstairs for one drink.

But then there was talk of going out for some food and more drinks.

I have an adventurous spirit and a fear of missing out, so I don’t need a song and dance to convince me to stay out.

As usual, I do not regret this decision. I had a wonderful time and a lot of laughs.

I will post more later, I’m sure I’ll have time since I’m going to the doctor after work and I’m almost positive he’s going to tell me I have strep throat, which means I will have to quarantine myself for the weekend.


~ by Valerie Anne on 12/03/2010.

3 Responses to “Maybe just another drink more…”

  1. a) It is SO about date rape. “The answer is no”, “Say, what’s in this drink?”… umm…?
    b) You didn’t finish your post.
    c) I’m sorry you have strep. 😦 Get better!!!

  2. 1) no way, she’s like “say, this is the most delicious beverage i’ve ever had, making me not want to put it down to go home. what are its ingrdients?”

    2) you know, for my one and only reader of this blog, you sure are pushy

    3) thank you. i shall try.

    • 1. HAHAHAHAHAHA oh my gosh. You just brought whole new meaning to that song for me.
      2. Sowwy. 😦 I just love reading your genius on a daily basis…
      3. I keep thinking of you and your poor Mario turtle shell. 😦 Want you to get better super fast.

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