Ok, so I lied.

As it turns out, when you do in fact have strep throat, and swallowing (come to find out, a very basic human function) is so painful you want to carve your own throat out with a dull, rusty knife, it doesn’t matter how much free time you have, you don’t want to spend it doing anything at all.

I never knew how often I swallowed my own saliva until it felt like I had a razor blade in my throat.  Or, as I more accurately described it to my friend, when it feels like you have one of those red spiky shells from Super Mario in your throat.

So, instead of finishing my blog post last night, I went to bed after Grey’s Anatomy made me excited and furious all in the same 60 seconds. The only time my throat didn’t hurt today was after I downed some Excedrin and went to be in a commercial for a friend.  I think the combination of the extra strength meds and just having my mind off of it was really helpful.  As soon as I got back to the train, it was back to the Chinese water torture-esque pain.  On the way to the subway, however, there were piles of books outside someone’s apartment. I stopped to look at them and looked around for a sign or a person or something.  It appeared that they were just up for grabs, so grab I did.  I’ve only read a little of it so far, but I like it and I’m glad I have something to read while I work on getting my hands on the second book of the Stieg Larsson series [which like 83 people are reading at work, I just need to grab one when someone’s done].

I also just finished watching The Runaways. I only got it [via Netflix] because I love Dakota Fanning and I love rock and roll [ha. get it?] and I was actually legitimately interested in learning more about Joan Jett.  Anyway, the movie was pretty good and I didn’t hate Kristen Stewart in it which makes me feel like maybe Twilight gave her a bad rep.  I had also seen her in an interview once and was kind of put off by her but I think it’s just because she’s actually still so humble and shy.  Though I might be giving her too much credit in that last part.

Either way, I watched the movie and liked it and then immediately re-watched it with commentary with Dakota, Kristen and Joan Jett. Joan Jett!! It was really interesting to listen to the way they interacted and I love actor commentary because I’m a dork and I still secretly aspire to be an actress even though I don’t actively persue it in any way. Except for jumping at the chance to be in friends’ film projects.  And signing up to be an extra in a movie.

In the commentary, during the scenes where Dakota had to make out with the road manager, Kristen Stewart was like, “Okay, maybe this is just me being protective, but I hate this scene. I hate it.” And then later on there was another scene where they were touching and she goes, “Arg! Hate this, too!”.  My personal favorite moment, and the moment that Kristen Stewart officially won me over [though I will always hate Bella Swan and everything she stands for] was a scene where the tour manager leans over from behind Dakota’s character and kisses her on the neck and is caressing her arm and Kristen just explodes with, “Just, get your fucking hands off of her! God damnit!!”

It made me happy.

I would apologize for this being such a scattered, random post but I’m just proud I managed to get one in at all.  I’m in a lot of fucking pain here, people! You can tell this by my use of expletives! And expressive punctuation!!

For the record, I’m going to stop promising things on here. I hate when I don’t follow through with things, and I hate it even more when there’s written proof I said I would do the thing I said I would do. So from now on, it’s go with the flow! Rollin’ on the river! Ease on down the road!

Until next time.


Gossip Girl

Oh wait, wrong show.


~ by Valerie Anne on 12/04/2010.

2 Responses to “Ok, so I lied.”

  1. P.S. Now I just read this and feel like crap for being pushy for you to write. 😦 GET BETTER!!!!!!

  2. haha no! keep on top of me! it’s important, because once I go two days in a row without posting, it will be the end of it!! i know me, i need to be held accountable lol

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