Since we’ve no place to go…

This morning, I woke up still in stupid amounts of pain every time I swallowed.  Not a wonderful way to start the morning.  Not to mention I went to bed later than I had hoped so being sick plus being up late equals being tired in the morning.  I was less than pleased.  The normal things were bothering me on the way to work.  My shoe was pinching my ankle, the train came before I could make it all the way down the platform, people were just too close to me. I don’t usually have a personal space bubble, but when I’m sick I really need the world to take a step back.

By the time I was exiting the subway, I had been standing for too long, I was overheated and I was ready to get OUT.  I started to walk up the stairs and in front of me was a couple who somehow was managing, despite being two fairly slight people, to take up the entire staircase.  They were also walking like they had thousand pound rocks lining their jeans.  You can’t live in New York and walk that slow and not leave any kind of path for people with normal gaits to pass you!  When they finally got to the top it took a lot of my inner strength not to punch both in the back of the knees before continuing on my way to work.

Then, a few blocks later, before I had fully calmed down from the frustration of the slow walkers, I approach a street at which I had the blinky red hand.  The blinky red hand means I still have plenty of time to cross the street.  Yet this car is creeping up, trying to jump the light, and is now fully blocking the crosswalk, still inching forward.  I look up and the other light isn’t even yellow yet, so I start the short walk across the street and have to walk almost into oncoming traffic to go around this impatient woman.  I again had to call on my patience because the core of my being really wanted to kick this car as hard as I could.

But then….magic.

As I continued walking I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye. I look over…then I look up…it was snowing!

I can’t even explain it but watching those little snowflakes prance and flit about in the air suddenly made every negative feeling I had up until that point in the morning melt away.  A small smile crept onto my face so shyly that it even surprised me to find it there.  I suddenly whipped my iPod out of my pocket and put on my Christmas Music playlist and my grin turned into full on beaming and I practically bounced all the way to work.

I honestly don’t know what it is about snow that I find so magical and wonderful.

Maybe because snow doesn’t really fall. Not like rain does. Snow drifts.  It floats and dances down from the sky.  So non-invasive. So calm. So PRETTY.

Maybe because snow clouds seem to be lighter than rain clouds. Maybe because the sheet of white makes things seem brighter.

Of course, I’m not referring to 100% of snowfall here. There are blizzards. Those are less pleasant.  But for the most part? I love snow.  I love catching snowflakes on my tongue, I love throwing snowballs, I love crunching in fresh snow and leaving my crooked footprint path down a road no one had traveled since the snow had settled.

So complain all you want about the cold and the wind, as long as there’s snow, this smile is [literally?] frozen on my face.


~ by Valerie Anne on 12/06/2010.

2 Responses to “Since we’ve no place to go…”

  1. Yayyyy I ❤ snow. I miss snow 😦 But I'm happy it made your day better 🙂

  2. Snow can be magical – but not having your face fall off in December might be nice too!!

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