Lazy Sunday Post

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, folks.

Life got in the way.

In the best way possible.

My cousin and her girlfriend came to visit me!  I haven’t laughed for that many consecutive hours in a long time.  We did awesome touristy things like going to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, watching the ice skaters, going to Times Square.  I love having an excuse to do those kinds of things, and I also love seeing these familiar places through the eyes of someone who has never seen them before.  Watching someone experience New York for the first time helps remind me how beautiful and amazing it really is, even though I never truly forget.

Then we went out and I learned I have no swag.  It’s not really news to me that I don’t carry myself with any particular amount of confidence, but I was unaware that it was hurting my game so badly.

I guess it makes sense though.

It’s always the nights that I’m going out just to relax or have fun that I end up meeting someone interesting.   Always when I least expect it that I get hit on.  Not when I’m standing around hoping someone will talk to me.

So I’ve just got to learn to strut around like I don’t care.

Could take some practice.

I think I’m ready.


~ by Valerie Anne on 12/12/2010.

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