The calm after the storm…

This morning when I came into the office, it was quiet. Still. Much different from how I left it last night. In the kitchen there are dozens of empty wine glasses and cups.  Half empty bottles of booze, forgotten gifts and empty boxes. Slowly, the office starts to wake up.  A few people trickle in, some people start making breakfast.  Overall, it’s still a very quiet day.

Last night was our holiday party.  We started drinking at four, when we began our gift exchange. Much laughter and merriment ensued. Then around 6:30, 7ish we all headed down a few blocks to the event space where the actual party was to take place. More laughter. More merriment. Lots of dancing. Therefore, lots of laughter.  There was an afterparty, there was more laughter.

At one point in the night, I was at the [open] bar at the event space waiting for my drink, I looked around at my coworkers. Such a variety of people, of personalities, of generations.  Mixed. Mingling. Enjoying each other’s company.

I don’t care if this isn’t the job I thought I’d have, the job my parents would like me to have, I need to stay at this company for a while longer.  I love these people too much. I love this culture.

At one point I was taking a break and standing off to the side, watching everyone dance.  I was alone but not lonely. I knew that as soon as I was ready, there were dozens of groups I could walk up to and join their conversation, plenty of spots on the dance floor I could bop on into.

So even though this morning I woke up feeling like I was hit by a large truck driven by a man named Bacardi, I am so grateful for last night. I am grateful for this job. I am grateful for these people.

These people are the reason that I made it through this horrible week.

~ by Valerie Anne on 12/17/2010.

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