Things Which Are Awesome

A friend, who happens to be the brains and beauty behind my favorite blog, posted about things that she hath dubbed awesome.  She encouraged her readers to do the same, so do the same I shall.

Without further ado, things which are awesome:

1. Things like this:

This video contains many things that I love.  It contains a member of the hilarious songwriting duo Garfunkel and Oates, a delightfully funny actress Sofia Vergara, the precious Heather Morris in one piece pajamas, Naya Rivera, and a song that both (kind of) praises and gently mocks the happiest show on television.

Notice I said happiest, not best.  Though I am fully enamored with this show, I am aware that it is intended for a specific audience. An audience who can appreciate shows that were not written with the goal of intellectual stimulation.  An audience who loves cheesy, over-dramatic dialogue and improbable yet highly entertaining plot lines.   And of course, an audience who enjoys it when high school misfits burst into song.

I encompass all of those qualities, and so Glee is quite possibly my favorite thing to grace my television screen since Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s musical episode.

For the record, I cannot say Glee is my favorite television show of current or all time because I place my television shows in different categories, because you simply cannot fairly compare all of the shows I enjoy to one another. They are far too different.

I digress.

2. Taylor Swift

I have been on a serious Taylor Swift bender lately. I feel bad for the other artists in my iPod because they must be bored for lack of use. I don’t even know what it is, but the addition of her songs from her new album Speak Now has made listening to her songs on repeat necessary.  I think that she, as a celebrity, is so sweet and real.  One reason I am so regularly impressed by her is that she composes and writes all of her songs.  I have the deepest respect for that kind of talent.  Also nearly overwhelming jealousy.  Her songs are relatable and cute and fun.  I’m aware that she is not the single greatest singer on the face of the planet. In fact, her live performances leave something to be desired, but it doesn’t seem to affect my adoration for her.

Some of her songs make me think we dated the same people, some songs make me wish I could go out to coffee with her to find out more of the story.  Some are just catchy.

I don’t know, I can’t really explain it.  I have a very wide taste in music, so please don’t judge me solely on this. I’m not a screaming, crying, teenage girl who has the pages of Teen Beat with her on it torn out and taped to my walls.

I swear.

I just like her music, okay?  Okay.

Moving on.

3. Ramen noodles.

When I was little I had some sort of inappropriate name for these like “Chinese noodle soup” or something.  It was something that was brought out on cold winter days to warm us inside out after a jaunt in the snow.

In college it was my lifeblood. Freshman year, before apartment-style dorms meant full kitchen access even on the laziest days – Ramen’s Cup O’Noodles made up about 50% of my meals, easily.  After that, each time I moved into a new dorm, my mother would supply me with a Costco-sized box of Ramen noodles – the full pack, not just the Cup.  It was something I was able to make on my own and in about 5 minutes flat.

Now, I’m older and a little more aware of my sodium intake, so I don’t eat it nearly as often, but it still provides a sense of comfort.  That artificial chicken flavor gets me every time.  It’s quick and easy, delicious, and costs about a quarter a pack if you know where to shop. Great for cold and lazy Sunday afternoons.

4. New York City

I have loved this city since before I had ever arrived here.  Loved it even more after my first visit.  I’ve been living here for five years and keeping falling deeper and deeper in love with it.  I love that you can get just about anywhere worth going with one swipe of your Metro card. I love that you can never expect to see the same strangers every day with any regularity, and the excitement that comes when you actually do.  I love that you can do just about anything you want to at just about any time you’d like to do it.  I love the people who come here and the reasons they have for coming here.  I love the dreams that people have here. I love the songs people sing about it. I even love the things people hate about it.

Does that make sense? I’ll give an example. A lot of people who live here hate Times Square, for various reasons.  Not only do I love Times Square, but I love the fact that people hate Times Square.  They don’t actually have anything against Broadway Shows or bright shiny lights, they just hate it on principle.  Like a billionaire who pisshaws at the thought of a “mere” million dollars, they love to be able to say they hate a national landmark because it’s so easily accessible to them.  And I love that.

I could go on for years and years but I’m pretty sure I’ve sung the praises of this concrete jungle plenty of times before and I’m sure it will come up many a time in the future.

5.  My New Winter Boots

Magic Boots

I received these boots in the mail two days ago as a belated Christmas present [they had to be exchanged for a more suitable size] and wore them for the first time yesterday.

I was pretty sure I’d never wear anything on my feet ever again.

They were so comfortable it was as though I was wearing slippers, but still getting support.  I wasn’t slipping around and didn’t have to slow down my natural pace of walking like I sometimes have to do in my rain boots because they are a little cumbersome.  These boots were the opposite of cumbersome.  They were like hugs for my feet.  So warm, but not too hot.  Simple in design, classic black.

And seriously, SO comfortable.

The only reason I took them off at all was because I was tracking salty sidewalk water all around the apartment.  I took them off and put them near the radiator in our living room [but not so near as to risk injury].  Each time I walked past I couldn’t help but steal a quick glance at them, wanting to be back in their loving embrace.

I loved them so much, in fact, that this morning I couldn’t bring myself to put them on, knowing that the snow that had fallen the night before would be at least ankle-deep in some places, and I didn’t want to flaw them with that white line of gross-dirty-snow-and-salt-stain that my jeans so oft suffer from.

Never have I ever owned such wonderful footwear.

Thus concludes today’s segment of Things Which Are Awesome. Perhaps there will be more in the future, or perhaps I will realize that I have the tendency to ramble senselessly when discussing things that I am ever so fond of, so the topic should henceforth be avoided.  Only time will tell.

~ by Valerie Anne on 01/12/2011.

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  1. Things that are awesome, I should try it. I like you style!

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