Things I Wrote In My Journal That Are No Longer True: Part One

I was thinking of making this a semi-regular segment of Turning Phrases. Opening up my journal and finding something I wrote that I either felt or was doing at the time that no longer stands true. Also predictions I made or assumptions I had that failed to come to fruition.

It’s always interesting to see things change that you never expected to. Or vice versa, as the case may be.

In an entry dated 3/1/10 I wrote about my office ski trip.  In it, I write:

“It also made me sad to think I wouldn’t be around for next year’s trip. Evan told me I felt very temporary and he didn’t like that.”

The ski trip is happening again next weekend, and sure enough I’m still here. And not going anywhere. In fact, moving laterally within the company, ensuring my semi-permanance here. Which is just fine by me. I love this place and I am in no rush to leave it.

Also, since that weekend, Evan has told me that I wasn’t allowed to leave because the office would fall apart without me. Which is a gross exaggeration, but a wonderful, heartwarming compliment.

I like this reflection and comparison of the past and the present.  This was an introductory one, so I kept it light, but I look forward to revisiting the entries I wrote whilst drunk and angry on the train ride home from disastrous night’s out.  Or simply feeling contemplative in times of stress, sadness or excitement.

It’s entirely possible no one else will care about changes in my life events, thinking or opinions over the years… In which case perhaps this will be the only segment of Things I Wrote In My Journal That Are No Longer True.  We shall see.

Also, a name change might be in order. It’s kind of a mouthful [fingerful?] and TIWIMJTANLT doesn’t exactly have the same visual ease as HIMYM, NKOTB or TMNT.

~ by Valerie Anne on 01/19/2011.

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