What Present-Day Me Would Have Commented On High-School Me’s LiveJournal

When I was seventeen year’s old I wrote this in my livejournal:

nyu is great. i want to go there SO BAD. but i have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting in. my visit only proved that.

This is my comment to my teenage self:

Hey there,

Your guidance counselor is an idiot.  I know you know this, but I also know that part of you believes her when she tells you that NYU is a reach school for you.  Luckily, part of you also knows that you’re better than her.

I just wanted you to know that snowballs move pretty quickly in Hell, so they actually have a much better chance than you’d think.

By the way, you’ll be just as in love with the city six years from now as you are at this moment. Actually, more so.

PS. I know this is just your LiveJournal, but would it kill you to capitalize a letter every once in a while? I mean, I know you can do it since you do when you want to emphasize excitement. Think about it.

Love Always,

A Happier, More Optimistic You With Slightly Better Typing Skills

~ by Valerie Anne on 02/09/2011.

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