The winds of change are active once again.

Change is a lot less scary when you don’t really have any plans for the immediate future.

When you have plans, imminent change is terrifying. You feel like you have to hold on to the ideas and the future you had in mind.  Cling to them like Dorothy did to Toto because a tornado is coming and it might be slinging scary old ladies on bicycles.

But when you don’t have plans? When you haven’t thought more than a few weeks ahead? Change is welcomed. Change is like that cookie you can add on to your meal for only 25 cents. Oh. I wasn’t planning on having a cookie…but I mean…why the heck not??

I like cookies.

It might mean I should probably walk that extra few blocks to take a different subway stop later.  But it’s pretty nice out for this time of year, and maybe I’ll see something awesome. Like a ridiculously talented subway performer.

Change can be good.  Especially positive change.

Because really, who doesn’t smile when they realize that they have enough coins in their pocket to buy that candy bar they’ve been craving?


~ by Valerie Anne on 02/11/2011.

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