2 Responses to “My Religion”

  1. Hokay. So.

    Man, so much theology is going through my head right now. I’ll try to limit it and bullet it, but forgive me if I get boring or preachy sounding.

    1. I think it is a beautiful idea to live your life as a prayer… I bet God would appreciate a butt-dial every now and then. Don’t you ever feel like sometimes you just want to text God? I was thinking that the other day as I read your entry about those universe moments. Sometimes I just want to text God and be like, “Hey thanks. That was really cool.” Anyway. Yes. Living your life as a prayer. Can you imagine? So challenging, but I imagine that would be so beautiful…

    2. For some reason, I have this instinctual feeling of defensiveness about the Catholic Church. I think just because it has been attacked so much, and obviously, as you know, I’m pretty “Catholic” as far as things go. But I strongly disagree with so many of the institutional teachings and ways of being. If you take the large picture of the BIble, it is ALL about love. All the other crap is something human-made. I really believe that. Besides which, I find it impossible to base an entire spirituality/religion/faith on that. It is really more about a personal relationship with God. A God who is Love. It is about taking this text, which is 2000 years old, and translating it into a meaning for TODAY. Today’s world is different than the world was 2000 years ago. But this text can still have meaning, if we are able to change the bonds that shackle our minds to literalism.

    3. Because of that “institution,” organized religion CAN be very scary. But I have to tell you – not all priests are like that one you heard preach on sexuality. Not all Catholic churches are unwelcoming. And not all of them are even uninteresting (the zoning out thing). The biggest difficulty, I think, is finding priests who know and who are aware of that Love. And who know how to show that, who speak from the heart. When I’ve been to Masses with those priests? I never ONCE zone out. I am aware of and in love with every word. I feel such a strong presence of God. And THOSE priests… those priests are ALL about Love. In whatever form that may take. So… what does that say?

    • 1. Congrats on being my 100th comment. I wouldn’t have wanted it to be anyone but you, the inspiration for this blog.

      2. I agree it did occur to me that technically what they were trying to teach me was to live my life as a prayer. And yes sometimes I feel like my, “thanks Universe” moments could easily be synonymous with “thank God” moments.

      3. I hope someday I come across one of those priests that fully enthrall me, a person who had read/heard the entire Bible more than once between Mass and religion class. I have yet to come across a priest who is okay with homosexuality, but I hope I do someday. My favorite religion teacher in high school believed that homosexuality wasn’t a choice but that homosexual activity was wrong and could be fixed. Like, you were born gay, but you weren’t allowed to get married so you can’t ever be in love/intimate with anyone.

      Maybe I was broken, being a gay girl raised in a Catholic world, but it’s something that I feel slightly confused about but that does not plague me. I used to worry every day. I can’t be gay – because if I was, I would be going to hell. God would hate me. I no longer worried. I know God loves me as I am. I was Born This Way.

      I can’t wait til priests like the ones you speak of are the majority.

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