Once On This Island

So I ventured back to that blogging website for ideas and this is what I found:

If you were stranded on a desert island, what ten things would you want in your pockets?

First of all, am I wearing cargo pants? Because if I am, I deserved to get abandoned.  Seriously, what kind of pants am I wearing that I can fit ten things in my pockets?? Am I limited to tiny things?  I mean, if I’m wearing like MC Hammer pants, my answer is going to be a lot different than if I’m wearing jeans.

Does it all have to fit IN my pockets? Can I bring a Genie lamp that I tied to my belt loop? Because then I wouldn’t really need much in my pockets at all.  Since I could just wish my way off the island.  Oh, is this in real life?  Because I didn’t think it was possible to be on a deserted island in real life.  I mean, SOMEONE has to know where you are.  In which case, I guess I’d just need to cram my pockets full of food to last me until someone figures it out.

If it’s the LOST island, I’m screwed anyway. I can’t outrun the black smoke monster.  I’d hear the taxi cab meter noise and know my time was up.  Also, I can’t hunt. Or swim. Or build things. So yeah, unless I found Jack or Kate while I was there, it wouldn’t really matter what I had in my pockets.

Also, where was I before this that I knew it was possible I could get deserted on an island that I had the chance to fill my pockets with things I thought I would need?  Shouldn’t I have thought, as I was sticking a chicken leg into the pocket on my left thigh, “Hmm, maybe this trip isn’t such a good idea. Sounds a little risky.”

Okay, so say I suspend my disbelief a little and I find myself on this island somehow and I magically have the ten things in my pocket I would most want to have, is there anyone else stranded with me? Did we get to divvy up responsibilities or is it ten things for both of us to share?  Or ten things for each of us, no sharing allowed?

Who’s island is this anyway? Who makes these rules? What happens if I sneak an eleventh thing? Do I get banned from the deserted island? Because that doesn’t really sound like such a bad thing.

I think I’m overthinking this. I should just play along.

Ten things I would want in my pockets if I were on a deserted island:  A Swiss Army Knife.  My iPod.  My Nook. A water bottle (I’m going with the cargo pants).  An extra pair of socks.  A container.  Some goldfish. A lighter. Pretzels. Flare gun.

I would also make sure I was wearing a hat and sunglasses. And lots of layers.

Ten things I would actually have on my person (including in my purse) if I were actually stranded on a desert island:  My cell phone. My iPod. My Nook. Keys.A quarter. A Metro card.  A bottle opener. A pen. A hair elastic. Mascara.

Yeah, I’d be screwed.

Unless the island I was stranded on was Manhattan.



~ by Valerie Anne on 03/03/2011.

3 Responses to “Once On This Island”

  1. If this is not correct? Please delete this comment, as it is then useless . . .

    Here’s our
    Jingle for Goldfish.
    We wrote a song for Goldfish.
    A wholesome snack that smiles back
    Until you bite their heads off.
    Now see the fishes swimming — (Ahhhh)
    Oh, look, the pretzel’s winning. (Ah-ahhhhh)
    (Didn’t that make you feel good about goldfish?)

    Here’s our
    Jingle for Goldfish.
    Crunchy little Goldfish.
    Oh good we’re at the part
    where we show that they’re baked and not fried.
    Did you know they’re made with real cheese, (Ahhhh)
    even though they look like fishies? (Ah-ahhhhh)
    The snack that smiles back Goldfish.

    I Love the Fishes Cuz They’re So Delicious, Gone Goldfishin
    I Could Eat Em Everyday, And My Mom Says That’s Ok!
    I Love The Fishes Cuz They’re So Delicious, Gone Goldfishin

    • I can find the song and video for the jingle that starts “Here’s our jingle for goldfish” but the “I love the fishes” isn’t part of the same song and I can’t find it anywhere!! I know I’m not crazy since the lyrics are all over the internet, I just can’t find a sound byte to save my life!

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