30 Days of TV – Day 1

So there’s this blog that I adore.  It’s called RophyDoes and it’s just simply everything I could want in a blog. The girls behind it are hilarious and share a lot of my same opinions about things – but not ALL of my opinions, which is nice too.

One thing they have done on their blog in the past is “30 Days of…”  lists.  I googled and googled and found a bunch of these lists that I might enjoy embarking upon, but while it is still television season, I thought I would do the first one that I read on RophyDoes – 30 Days Of TV.

This way, if you read about something you really like and want to start watching, you’ll be able to put it in your mental queue for the inevitable end of watchable television in a few months.  [To be fair, there ARE some quality summer shows out there…just not nearly as many.]

I don’t plan on doing these 30 days in a row (nor did Rophy), so you’ll never know when they’ll pop up.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a very active imagination, and I sometimes grow very attached to fictional characters, so don’t be surprised if you find me talking about television shows as if they were something that happened to me and my friends.  I like television, okay? Okay.

Here goes.

Day 01 – A show that should never have been canceled.

This is a difficult one. Especially to start with! Sheesh, these better get easier…Part of me wants to shout out all the names of all my favorite television shows that are no longer on. But if I’m going to be honest with myself, it’s better they ended where they did.  I believe the expression is, “Quit while you’re ahead”.  Some of them, admittedly, probably went on a little longer than they should have.  However, I’m loyal to a fault and stayed with my shows til the end, even if it was sometimes a rather bitter end.

A show that I honestly believe had a few good seasons left in it without having to jump any sharks would have to be Dollhouse.  This is not based on (though I suppose could be influenced by) my adoration for Joss Whedon or my mild obsession with Eliza Dushku.  It was honestly just a quality show with a very unique premise.  I’m glad they found out that the end was nigh in enough time to tie up loose ends, come to an actual, enjoyable ending.

Answer some of the questions that arose throughout the series.  Hear that, SOME of the questions is an okay amount of answers to give. ANY OF THE ANSWERS WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE, LOST!

Eh hem.


Anywho, yes, My answer for this is officially Dollhouse. And it’s not just because of this:


~ by Valerie Anne on 03/07/2011.

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