Did You See Saw

I don’t know why and I don’t know what it says about me, but I love scary movies. My favorite type of scary movie is what my friend and I have taken to calling “Fucked Up” movies.

Growing up, I saw so many thrillers from such a young age that it was difficult to find a movie that gave me the rush of being terrified as I got older. I mean, when it came out, I Know What You Did Last Summer gave me nightmares. But by the time the sequel came out, I was over it (obviously I still watched it, it just didn’t have the same affect) and I was looking for something more.  I’ve come across my fair share of movies that still excited me.

But none quite like the Saw movies.

There’s something intriguingly sick about these movies. About how the reasoning behind each test, each trap, seems to be almost logical. Each person is chosen because of something immoral they had done, though what they are put through is unspeakable and incomparable to their deed.  Some twisted part of you is almost glad they’re being faced with their misdeed.  But then the human part of you wants so badly for them to survive the horrifying trap they have been placed in. And then another deep messed up part of you is impressed at the intricacies and planning of these traps.

I know they’re sick, I know they’re disturbing and I know they give me nightmares and are the reason I check the backseat of my car every single time I get in it but I love these movies and I’m so glad there’s one more I haven’t seen yet.


~ by Valerie Anne on 03/13/2011.

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