30 Days of TV – Day 3

Day 03 – Your favorite new show (aired THIS TV season)

I’ve read ahead and these questions are going to get progressively harder as they go along, so you’re going to have to bear with me as I throw tantrums of frustration in my inability to choose between my friends television shows.

Though this one was hard for a different reason. I already had so many television shows, that I didn’t successfully pick any up this season. I started No Ordinary Family, but I missed an episode or two and didn’t look back. That might be one I go back and revisit this summer when the shows are over, because it was okay.  I like shows about superpowers. And Julie Benz is a Buffy alum so I feel like I need to give her show another chance. For Darla‘s sake.

I guess my official answer for this question, then, will have to be Hellcats. I did lose this show after missing a few episodes, but honestly this is largely due to the fact that CW shows are not available on Hulu and the CW episode player is absolutely unbearable.  If you ever get annoyed with Hulu’s infrequent, short commercials, go try to watch an episode of something on the CW’s website.  After the seventeenth time your show is interrupted for the SAME EXACT three minute long commercials, you’ll want to rip every single hair out of your head one by one with a pair of scorching hot tweezers.

I digress.

Hellcats was fun to watch. It was basically Bring it On in television show form.  Also set in college. I supported both of those changes because the first meant it was continuous and the second meant I felt significantly less creepy drooling over the perfect and oft exposed bodies of these cheerleaders.  Especially since two of them were Disney Channel Stars in another life.  Therefore, after my heart is torn apart by what’s sure to be a string of over-dramatic cliff-hanger series finales, I do actually intend on going back and catching up with this show.

It’s got sass, it’s got kick-ass dance routines, it’s got some darn attractive actors.

So, yes, Hellcats it is.  Because, honestly, I can’t NOT watch a show where these girls all live in the same house:

Okay, FINE, I’ll give you a real promo picture, too. Even though it has a weird chick who I haven’t gotten far enough into the season to meet yet in it.

~ by Valerie Anne on 03/18/2011.

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