My “I Don’t Have To Run” Day

While I wouldn’t call Sunday my “Funday“, I do tend to enjoy them.

Here’s some ways to enjoy a Sunday, in my opinion:

  • Sleep in. Set no alarms. Wake up whenever you happen to wake up.
  • Stay in bed. Get up only to use the bathroom or until your hunger compels you to move.
  • Ignore any and all text messages that were sent to you the previous night after you fell asleep from people you have ever dated. These are most likely drunk texts and Sundays are to be as drama-free as possible.
  • Treat yourself to a Subway tuna melt and a fountain soda (1/4 root beer, 3/4 diet coke) even though there’s plenty of food in your apartment.
  • Put your pajama pants back on immediately upon returning to your apartment, if you changed out of them at all.
  • Catch up on any shows that you may have lost track of. Sundays are great for Hulu marathons.
  • Write a cop-out blog post that basically outlines your day so far because thinking too hard is a strict no-no on Sundays.
  • Most importantly, relax. Don’t stress. Don’t think about any of your stresses or problems. They will all still be there tomorrow. For today? Let them go.

Of course, these things can be modified to fit your personal taste. This is how I’ve been spending my Sunday, and it has been a recipe for success. I feel relaxed, peaceful and contented.

Though I kind of wish the Chroni(what?!)cles of Narnia were playing somewhere.


~ by Valerie Anne on 03/20/2011.

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