30 Days of TV – Day 4

Day 04 – Your favorite show.

Okay, no. NO!

Do you ever ask a mother who her favorite child is? Do you ask a child which parent they prefer? Do you ask a dog which squirrel he prefers chasing?

No. You don’t. You just don’t.

Alas, since I cannot leave a question unanswered, I will come up with something.

How about…categories.

These are not absolutes. I write none of this in stone! I write it in light pencil. So, while I feel much strongly about some than others, I refuse to be locked into these answers for all eternity, okay? Good. Now that we’ve settled that. Onward.

Favorite TV Show that is [tragically] no longer on tv:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have read ahead and there is a question later that will allow me to gush and swoon over this show for an entire entry, so for now I shall spare you.

Favorite Crime Drama: Castle

This show is immensely funny and now that I’m over my inherent fear of Nathan Fillion, I actually have a little bit of a guy-crush on him.  Plus Beckett is all kinds of gorgeous. Something about her voice entrances me.

Favorite FBI/Anthropology Drama: Bones

I only started watching this show because of my emotional attachment to David Boreanaz, but I stayed because of his boyish cuteness and Emily Deschanel’s quirky charm.  Their sexual tension and comedic banter gets me every time.

Favorite Medical Drama: Grey’s Anatomy

Okay, this show is kind of awful at this point in its life, but I still love it.  It still has fascinating medical mysteries and twisted romances.  Plus, now there’s Calzona.  Which I’m entirely invested in.  Callie is gorgeous and Arizona is nearly perfect.  So, there’s that.  Plus there’s the hottie McSteamy and the adorable Lexipedia.  Plenty of reasons to ride this show out to its unforeseeable end.

Favorite Mystery Diagnosis Drama:  House

I mean, who doesn’t love an asshole who saves lives?  House is so mean, it’s almost endearing.  This show also used to be better, but also has wholly interesting cases.  This one is a little better for me, though, because it’s harder for me, she with the oversensitive empathy, to experience sympathy symptoms and/or think I have a certain disease, because they’re so specific and outlandish.  Though I’d be lying if there weren’t days I had my own diagnostics team.  So yeah, a fairly attractive jerk of a doctor, an Aussie and Olivia Wilde. Overall, a winner.

Favorite Cartoon: Family Guy

Funniest cartoon on television, hands down. Inappropriate, but universally so.  They don’t discriminate – they make fun of everyone.  Yes, sometimes it’s even a little too tasteless for my taste, but in general I find myself laughing right out loud while watching this show.  Call me immature if you must, but I love this show.  It doesn’t hurt that it features Mila Kunis and Seth Green’s voices.

Favorite ABC Family Drama: Pretty Little Liars

I’ve already spewed about this show, but I adore this show.  It has me honestly stumped and excited for what will happen next.  Everything’s a little exaggerated but in the most wonderful way possible.  Cheesy as it may be at times, it is absolutely delightful.

I could go on, but I realize this is getting a little out of hand. I just love them all for such different reasons that I can’t possibly choose just one.

However, as of right now, there is one show that is shining just a little brighter than the rest. If you have ever read my blog at all, I think you know what it is.

Glee. It’s hysterical, relatable, fun, smart and just the right amount of ridiculous. Plus, there’s singing. They’re insane and absurd while still tackling the real topics in a way that no other television show about high school students has been brave enough to deal with yet.  Plus, it’s singing, dancing AND acting! Popular songs and Broadway musicals! I love this show an unhealthy amount and I can honestly say I haven’t been this obsessed with a show since Buffy.  I’m obsessed and I’m okay with it.

Rereading this…I think I might watch too much television…considering this is only my favorite of my television shows. Not all of my television shows. Hmm…

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~ by Valerie Anne on 03/27/2011.

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