Many Trees Grow In Brooklyn, Actually

So, I went on another adventure through my neighborhood. And I found nature.

Nature, people! In Brooklyn! Insanity.  My walks started out as urban adventures and I’ve discovered so much more.

Yesterday, I figured out just how close to Prospect Park I lived. I had no idea that it was within walking distance.  It makes me want to learn how to ride a bike [shut up] so I can travel the bike paths.  Still, it will be a great place for my walks, especially once it starts getting super nice out. Who knows, maybe this summer I’ll even take up running. Doubtful, but I guess anything is possible.

I started my walk the way I always do, passed my cottage and found the playing fields I found last time.

New York is funny. You tend to look directly in your path, towards the ground, making sure you don’t step in or on anything. Your eyes dart up and around to make sure your path is clear of tourists or bikers. Sometimes you look into the distance to see what street or avenue you’re approaching. But I find that I don’t look up enough.

Yesterday I looked up and I found an archway of trees.

It was much lovelier than this picture conveys, so you’ll just have to trust me.

I wandered through the parade grounds instead of just along the outside.  I walked past a girls’ soccer team jumping on each other, celebrating their victory. A grown up on a bike with three smaller bikes trailing behind like a brood of ducklings.  A girl chasing her friend with a water bottle.  A father playing catch with his son. The sounds of childhood surrounded me.  I spent a lot of time in parks like these growing up, between the sports I played and the ones my brother played, so these sights and sounds definitely brought back memories.

After I exited the park, I wandered through the neighboring streets, just exploring, not quite ready to go home yet.   On the way back, I decided to go around the park the opposite way that I came, just to see if there was anything more to see on that side, as I had cut through the middle to get where I was.  As I approached the far corner of the park, I see a fence in the distance.  As I got even closer, I saw the strangest structure.

Well, I’ll be. According to a sign, I have reached Prospect Park. And according to the map on this sign, there’s a lake just past this structure!  Guess my walk was just beginning!  I only had to walk a short path past a family having a picnic and across a bike path to reach this lake. And a beautiful lake it was, too.

I walked along the lake a bit, until I reached the strangest patch of plants.  From the distance, it almost looked like a corn field. Of course, I knew better than to think there was a corn field in Brooklyn, but it was definitely some kind of intense stalk growing like crazy.

A little ways past this field of reeds or whatever, I found the corner of Prospect Park, where a friendly lion greeted me.

It was getting a little late and I didn’t want to get so distracted in this new land that I was out after dark, so I decided that was where I would start my adventure the next day.  Hopefully it would be just as nice out.

While today wasn’t quite as nice as yesterday, it was still a great day for a trip to the park.  This time, I headed straight for the entrance that I had left from the day before and beelined it to the lake.  Turns out, it was just as pretty as I had left it.

I kept walking along and saw an older man with a sketchpad, so I stopped to see what he was looking at. He was at a different angle, so I’m not sure exactly what he was sketching, but if it ends up anything like this, I’m sure it will be amazing.

A little further down the lake, I found some geese!  They were used to the paparazzi and were very cooperative when I asked them to pose for me. We had a nice little photo shoot.

They were much less dramatic than the swans I encountered later. You would think there was a ballet written about how beautiful they were or something.

Unfortunately, there were no black swans to be found. Nor were there any Natalie Portmans or Mila Kunises.  Sigh.

I had been walking for quite some time, so I decided it would be best to head back.  Someday I’ll start out earlier and walk the length of the park, but it’s quite the hike so I’ll need to be in the mindset for it ahead of time.  On the way, I ran into a little robin having a bath in a puddle.  It reminded me of a song I knew when I was little and made me feel like spring was really on its way.

The little buds on this tree helped, too.

As I got back into the house-lined streets of Brooklyn I now know so well, I found some trees that were trying to be coy and camouflage themselves. I saw them anyway.

All in all, I would call my weekend adventures a success. I love having a plan for my next walk, so I’m already looking forward to next weekend.

And I really do have to get a better camera so I can more accurately capture the wonders I see. Though, with my iPod, at least I can do fun things like this:


~ by Valerie Anne on 04/10/2011.

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  1. hello! I’m a live in the korea. and to study design. If you fine, Can I use the camo tree image? If you OK, I want use my textile contest work. Thank you ^_^

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