Selective Memory

It’s days like this that I think I miss college.

I don’t really miss college, it’s just a case of Selective Memory.

There are some things about college that I miss. On days like today, especially. I miss having large chunks of the day free to wander around outside, sit in Washington Square Park, nap. I miss being able to take a personal day when I felt like it.  I knew which classes I could skip without consequences, so some days I would do just that.  Sometimes I would be on the WAY to class and decide that I’d rather read a book in the park.

I can’t do that anymore. I can’t just decide last minute to not go to work. I mean, I guess theoretically I could, but I would lose a whole day of pay and I would probably spend the whole day feeling guilty about leaving people in the lurch and all the work I wasn’t getting done.

I miss that feeling when you get an email from a professor that class was canceled.  I miss having a random week off in spring. I miss summer. Last summer was the first time I was in New York for the summer and not home in Boston.  It was kind of depressing. It barely felt like summer at all.

Though it being the first one was an adjustment in itself.  This summer, I plan on making the most of my weekends. And my evenings, even.

Also, last year I used all of my vacation days at once because I did a three week study abroad program. This year I’ll be able to spread it out more, so that should be nice. I’m already planning on making Easter a 4 day weekend.  Then Memorial Day comes at the end of May.

I think that’s what’s hard about this time of year. It’s starting to be nicer out and we haven’t had a day off since January.  It’s not good for your sanity.  Or your productivity.

I look forward to my extra long weekend next weekend. It will be nice to be home for that long and it will be nice to have two four day weeks in a row.  I think it will be the refresher I need.

So that I stop thinking I miss college.

Because I so don’t.


~ by Valerie Anne on 04/11/2011.

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