30 Days Of TV – Day 6

Day 06 – Favorite episode of your favorite TV show 

I can’t literally choose one episode of Buffy over all the rest. So many made me cry and laugh and think. Some were so beautifully done – like Hush.  Some were devastating – like The Body.  Some were hilarious like Gone.

But one episode tends to stand out a little more often.

Once More With Feeling.

I remember the anticipation of this episode. I remember the excitement when I first heard it was happening.

It was a musical episode of Buffy.  I mean, did Joss Whedon somehow get into my head and make all my wildest dreams come true?  A television show – nay, my FAVORITE television show – doing a MUSICAL episode? My mind was blown and I was beyond excited about it.  I remember about a week before the episode aired, I found a clip of Under Your Spell online [this was back in the day before everything was available online instantly] and listened to it a thousand times.  It wasn’t even so much that I loved the song – it was a little soprano for my taste, though of course I’ve grown to adore it – but it was the only thing holding me over until the actual day arrived.  Of course, this was an episode I made sure I watched live. Though I also recorded it.  I remember just being SO excited the entire time.  It was a little longer than all of the other episodes, and the commercials were like torture. Though they were probably for the best, because it gave me a chance to calm down and regroup and talk things out with my dad.

One of my favorite things about the musical episode is that they didn’t autotune anybody.  Not everyone is a rock star singer with this incredible voice – in fact, really only Tara, Giles and Spike are anything worth writing home about.  Oh, and Sweet.  But I mean, he was the musical demon, so of course he was amazing.  This show was honest. It was like, “Hey. There’s a spell over Sunnydale that makes people sing their feelings. What? We didn’t say it made them sing well about their feelings.” And I loved it. Willows little lines made her sound like a little kid in a school play.  Buffy’s songs were so important and full of feeling that it was almost better that they sounded so raw and untrained.

Another great thing about this episode was that they didn’t use it as a fluffy throw-away episode. There were extremely important plotlines in this episode. In fact, I cried a lot during this first airing.  And probably during many views after that. This episode was actually kind of a turning point in the season.

Once More With Feeling was the first episode of Buffy that I watched a hundred times. I’ve now watched the seasons quite a few times over, some episodes more than others, but that episode I think I watched every day for a month.  I became an expert at fast forwarding through the commercials – I knew exactly which ones were the last ones and meant that the show was coming back on.  I knew the entire weird dance to Under Your Spell. I can still quote every single speaking line in that entire episode.  Eventually, I got the soundtrack [CD!] so I no longer had to watch the entire episode just to hear the songs if I didn’t want to. Which I still sometimes wanted to.

One time, I was in the car with my brother and my cousins and I have no idea where we were going but we decided to have one of our infamous sing-a-longs.  Girls sang the girl parts, boys sang the boy parts and we performed the entire musical right there in the car.  I still smile every time I hear Giles sing the words “tell me” in “Where Do We Go From Here”, remembering how that my cousin’s part and he got to sing it on his own. And was just so into it.

I think Walking Through The Fire is my favorite number/scene in the episode, but mostly because I love group numbers were everyone has different lines and parts. Also, because Buffy’s friends were banding together to support her. And I love cooperation. Also Spike had some great moments in that song.

So, despite it being an overall pretty sad episode, it was and will always be one of my favorite episodes of Buffy.

~ by Valerie Anne on 04/17/2011.

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