Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

I took today and Monday off, granting myself a four day weekend for Easter.

So far, this has proven to be an excellent decision.

However, my brother isn’t home from school yet and both of my parents are at work, so I’m kind of stranded in my empty house.

Things I should be doing?

  • Checking my work email.
  • Doing some writing for work.
  • Anything productive at all.

Things I am doing?

  • Re-watching Glee.
  • Writing about Glee.
  • Writing this post.

Obviously, I have my priorities in order.

This morning I watched random stuff that was on my parents’ DVR and I found a new show that I think I need to catch up on. It’s really inconvenient because I’m still only on season one of three [fourth to be starting soon] of Being Erica, not to mention all the other shows I watch that are new every week.  Sorry, every week that they feel so obliged. Lately nothing has been consistent. And I wonder why I have trust issues.

I’m just kidding, I don’t have trust issues, and if I do I promise they’re not from television shows taking random bullshit hiatuses all willy nilly and refusing to follow the normal television schedule.

Anywho, the show is called Happy Endings and the episode I saw made me giggle. Luckily it’s only a half-hour long show and I think it’s fairly new so hopefully it won’t take over my life. And hopefully Hulu doesn’t hate it as much as it seems to hate Being Erica, since it never wants to sync the video and the audio for me.

Okay, off to be really lazy and eat too much and watch too much television productive!

~ by Valerie Anne on 04/22/2011.

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