30 Days of TV – Day 7

Day 07 – Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show.

Ok, so here’s the thing…if I love a show?  As long as at least one of the characters is in the episode, chances are I’ll still like it. Hell, I like shows that suck just because actors from my favorite shows are in it.

So this is nearly impossible.

It’s also difficult to think of something you don’t like when it’s surrounded by so many things you DO like.  For example, I own all 7 seasons of Buffy on DVD.  While I have gone through the entire series in order multiple times, sometimes I just skip around to my favorite points in time.  So the episodes I disliked got pushed back to the recesses of my memory.  I can’t just pull them up.

There are also episodes that I “didn’t like” because they were tragic or stressful, but in reality I loved them for the very same reasons. As much as certain plot points hurt me, they were often necessary.

Oh, but if you count Angel, since it’s an offshoot of Buffy, I didn’t like the episodes where Cordelia was that weird goddess thing.  That whole plotline bored me.

I’m pretty sure I’ve loved at least some aspect of every episode of Glee so far.

All in all, the episodes of my favorite shows that I liked least of all are long since forgotten and sadly cannot be recalled as an answer to the question.


On to the next one.

~ by Valerie Anne on 04/29/2011.

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