Are We Human or Are We Dancer?

I once said that I didn’t really consider myself a “writer” per se because I didn’t get paid for my writing. Sure, I was writing product information, but for some reason I didn’t really consider that writing.  It wasn’t creative, it was just me putting order and the company voice behind facts and features.

I’ve been doing this new job for a few weeks now and I have been asked to do more than just the product information writing I had done in the beginning.

Today, I realized…I’m kind of a writer.

This makes me very happy.

It’s been a while since I’ve been anything that I’ve been proud to admit. “Receptionist” isn’t exactly a title worth putting on a business card. No offense to professional receptionists, but when my degrees were in Early Childhood Education/Special Education with a minor in Pyschology and Literacy Education, from a fairly respectable school, it tended to be received with raised eyebrows.

Plus, I’m not exactly passionate about answering phones. In fact, I had a mild phobia of phones before starting the position.

Growing up, I was a dancer. I wasn’t a particularly amazing dancer, but I did alright for myself. And I loved it. So when I mentioned a tap class or a dance recital and people would ask, “Oh, you’re a dancer?”, I would always smile wide when I confirmed their conclusion.

So, it’s nice. It’s nice to be sought out when people want something read over to make sure it makes sense/sounds okay/is correct.  It’s nice to be asked to write a blurb for this or an email for that.  It’s nice to be complimented on something I enjoy doing so much.  And it’s even nice to receive regular feedback and criticism for things I produce.

I like being a writer. I think I always wanted this and was just too afraid to say it out loud because it seemed so unlikely.  It feels right.

I think I’ll keep it.


~ by Valerie Anne on 05/06/2011.

2 Responses to “Are We Human or Are We Dancer?”

  1. You just have to watch the first minute or so:

    I’m glad you write. 🙂

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