Gleecap 2.20 – Prom Queen

AKA Best. Prom. Ever.

Jewfro is at it again, right off the bat this time, and interviewing Puck about the race for Prom Court. Even though they’re losing to Fuinn so far, they’re somehow half a point ahead of Santofsky [I guess that means Artie is team Pizes].  JBI also asks Puck where he keeps his balls, since he is significantly less threatening now that he’s dating someone twice as terrifying as himself.  This news stuns Puck into an angry silence.

In the principal’s office, Figgins tells Sue and Will that the original band for Junior Prom fell through so he wants the New Directions to play.  I have a feeling the kids won’t be too excited to have to perform during their own dance, and Will doesn’t want to take any rehearsal time away from Nationals.  However, he can’t really say no because they would get the money that had been set aside for the band. Sue regretfully agrees but insists they don’t repeat one of my favorite Glee club numbers – Run Joey Run.

All the girls of Glee have put their differences aside to talk about dresses – Zizes is afraid she’ll have to make her own dress but Brittana and Quinn insist that she cannot do such a thing.  After all, Prom is the most important night of their lives.  Even though this is Junior prom. And it will be a blur in about 3 years.  Mercedes joins in the conversation by saying she’s not going since she doesn’t have a date.

Will tells the kids about the plan to sing at prom, but tells them that the songs will be situated so that everyone has plenty of time to dance.  Mercedes excuses herself, and Quinn explains that she doesn’t have a date and it’s getting her down.  Brittany is going stag and is happy about it – she knows she’s the best dancer in school and that no one can resist her sweet moves.

Rachel, also dateless, tries to comfort Mercedes.  She is not to be comforted because she has put too many hopes and dreams into this dance and is devastated that no one wants to treat her like a princess on this one night.  Rachel assures her that she has a plan.

Kurt and Blaine are at Breadstix and Kurt oh so adorably asks Blaine to prom.  Blaine recounts a horrible story about being gaybashed at a school dance.  Kurt suggests that this is a chance to face his fears, but would totally understands if he didn’t want to.  Blaine wants to be brave for his boy, so he agrees and Kurt squeals.

In the auditorium, Rachel leads Sam to the stage, where Mercedes is waiting.  The girls had a plan on how they can all afford to go to prom – the girls need a boy and the boy needs some money. They have a very non-creepy, very platonic threesome situation going on and it’s quite adorbs.

The girls and Kurt are prom dress shopping and Zizes is still having a hard time of it, as she comes out looking more like a dessert than a princess. Kurt suggests navy and the girls are happy they brought him along. Next is Santana, who is rocking the HOTTEST red dress I ever did see.

Brittany is simply swooning and after Kurt tells her it’s perfect and accidently calls her Satan, Santana sneaks a look over at Brittany, who gives her a little nod of approval.  It was a brief moment that you’d miss if you blinked, but it was beautiful and a reminder that they’re still trying to work out the balance between friendship and whatever else they had/have going on.

Kurt tells his squealing fan club that him and Blaine are going to prom together and Santana pulls him aside and tells him that the Bully Whips will provide him around the clock protection until prom…for sympathy votes, of course. Not because she, like, CARES or anything. Pssh.

Artie is at school creepily gazing at a photo of the Britster in his locker when Puck approaches him and asks him to help him spike the punch at prom to up his bad boy image.  Artie is too sad to spike punch, however, because even though it was entirely his fault him and Brittany broke up, he wants her back. Again. Despite having sung an ENTIRE SONG about never going back again. Grr.

Rachel is in the auditorium and requesting feedback from some randoms, as she is about to attempt Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”.  She begins, beautiful and acappella. Then, the voice of a god floats in from the back of the auditorium…

Rachel stares, stunned, as Jesse continues the verse, slowly making his way down the stairs to her.  They start to angstily duet and it’s very reminiscent of their first meeting. Except this time there’s a nerdclub joining in the background and making me twitch in agony.  Honestly, I would have truly enjoyed this song if they hadn’t been “helping”. And if I had never heard Adele sing it first.  I had to distract myself with the excitement and confusion of Jesse St. James’s return. After all, last time we saw him, he was giving Rachel a chicken fetus shampoo.

Turns out Jesse is all looks and talent and no brains and has been kicked out of college on account that he didn’t attend any actual classes, only show choir.  He claims to be there to make amends and then has the AUDACITY to ask her to prom.


Finn’s with me and doesn’t trust this dude OR his new haircut.  Rachel claims he’s not technically going to be her date to prom, but is joining the group date she had set up earlier with Sam and Mercedes.  Finn reminds her of that tragic day in the parking lot, and Rachel asks him to just be supportive of her decisions. She says as supportive as she’s been with Quinn, but I think she should aim a little higher, given her hissy fit in the last episode.  Finn starts rambling about how prom is becoming too stressful since Quinn is so determined to win Prom Queen and Rachel calms him down by telling him exactly which corsage to buy…green, to match her eyes. Uh…you been staring lovingly into those baby greens lately, Rachel? You can tell it hurts her to help him win Quinn over, but she cares about him so she’ll do what she must.

On the other end of the hall, Karofsky in his Super Gay Beret is on a walkie talkie with Santana, telling him that there is no sign of danger in those parts. Santana loudly announces that it is safe for Teen Gay Kurt to walk down the hallway and even offers to go after a girl who bumped into him. Kurt is more embarrassed than appreciative, but he safely made it to his next class and Santana is all kinds of proud of herself.

In Home Ec, Brittany is having a hard time cracking an egg because she feels bad for the lil guy inside. Artie interrupts and asks Brittany to listen to his apology/song that he hopes will end in a prom proposal acceptance.  Mercedes voices my thoughts and says she was pretty sure this song was about an infant.  The rest of the Glee boys come in with various instruments and BritBrit looks a little embarrassed.  Eventually, she does get into the song and applauds at the end, but tells him that she’s still mad at him and still plans on going to Prom alone.


However, this does open Artie up to being part of Puck’s very original plan.

Back at the Hummel/Hudson household, Blaine is bro-ing it up with Finn and asks if he thinks it would be okay for him to join them in performing at prom. Finn thinks that sounds fine, and Burt comes in and tells them he got them a discount on tuxes. He then goes on to describe his own outdated prom outfit, which sounds eerily like the suit my father wore to his wedding.  Kurt comes in donning his outfit – a kilt-ish looking ensemble that is kind of absurd but very Kurt.

Finn loves it, but Burt and Blaine have their hesitations. This is Lima after all, not fashion week in New York.  They’re just worried about the reaction, that’s all.  Kurt tells them that this is Prom – it’s about joy, not fear. He obviously has never seen Carrie.  Therefore, he insists that he will wear this outfit that he worked so hard on.

The next day, Karofsky walks Kurt to class and tells him to wait in the room for him until he returns from Calculus to pick him up. Kurt stops him and asks if he’s noticed that no one has really been bothering him this week. Karofsky says it’s because of the Bully Whips, but Kurt wants to believe it’s because the kids of McKinley are over his gayness. He tells Dave that he sees how much it hurts him, that he knows it’s cold and dark inside the closet. Dave starts to break down and makes a more sincere apology than he ever has before. With tears in his eyes he tells Kurt that he really is sorry for all the shit he put him through.  Kurt bravely accepts the apology of his former tormenter, and Dave reminds him to wait for him there after class.

Finally, it’s Prom Night and Queen Quinn is getting ready.

She descends, truly looking like royalty, and Finn presents her with the perfect corsage Rachel helped her pick out. They kiss as Mrs. Quinn reappears with a camera, as all parents do on this epic night.

At Breadstix, the group date has gathered for a pre-prom chat, complimenting each other on their gorgeous outfits.  Jesse is blathering on about his plans post-college-dropout and it becomes clear that he’s not just socially inept, but he’s actually kind of an idiot. As it turns out, he’s gotten by so far on his looks and talent alone, and Rachel is still blinded by this as she supports his idea to be a Show Choir Consultant.  Quinn interrupts this bad idea, all smiles, and compliments the group and squeezes in a reminder to vote for her for Prom Queen before Jesse and Finn have a pissing contest.  Mercedes interrupts the wordfight and tells Quinn and Finn to beat it and that they’ll see them later at the dance.

Finally it’s time for prom, and the Boys of Glee are up first to sing.  They’re riffing a little and I’m bopping to the beat. They start singing a fun song when suddenly I hear the words, “Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal” and that’s when I realize what they’re singing. It’s impossible to listen to these boys sing THIS song without smiling, and the rest of the kids of McKinley seem to agree.

For a second, I thought Santana was having so much fun that she let her guard down and was checking out another girl. As it turns out, she noticed someone else had the same dress as her, but instead of lashing out, she just kept dancing to this amazing jam.

Everyone is having a great time, and by the end of the song I have to agree with Brittany:

Oh, and in case you can’t tell. Brittany is, in fact, wearing a TEENY TINY TOP HAT!

Then it’s time for the obligatory slow dance, which is Rachel singing one of my new favorite songs – Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts.  Everyone is dancing with their dates…even though Santana and Karofsky can barely look at each other.

And Brittany is dancing with some girl who is NAT Santana…

Honestly, from the lyrics, I would have assumed Rachel would be singing this to Jesse, but she seems to be directing her attention to Finnocence, to whom Quinn is frantically clutching.  Meanwhile Sam, presumably the only gentleman in the place, tells Mercedes she’s beautiful and asks her to dance. Just like she wanted.

Blaine takes things to a more upbeat level and sings “I Won’t Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You”, very appropriately with Brittany and Tina as his backup singers.  Jesse starts nuzzling Rachel’s neck and Finn can’t take it anymore. He confronts him and tells him to “keep it PG” [which I’m pretty sure it was], and gets into another tiff with Mr. St. James.  Unfortunately, this tiff leads to some fisticuffs and they are both escorted out of the dance, leaving their stunned dates behind.

However, this doesn’t end prom for anyone else, and it’s now time for the election of Prom King And Queen.  The King is announced first – and it ends up being Dave Karofsky.

Silly me thinks this is because Santana’s a goddess, and she seems to think so too, but when Kurt Hummel’s name is called, silence befalls the gymnasium.  For a split second, I’m excited – they all picked Kurt! But it’s soon clear by the expressions on everyone’s face that I assumed the best in everyone. I also put two and two together and realized that this means that they voted Karofsky and Kurt as partners. Which, to any ordinary outsider who didn’t know the softer side of Dave, is just plain cruel.  So this was no bucket of pigs blood, but it sure stung like one.  To more than one person at McKinley.

Kurt is heartbroken because he thought the homophobia had subsided, when really it just had become less noticeable. It was still there, just in secret ballot form instead of thrown-against-the-locker form. Quinn is devastated because being Prom Queen was her dream and she blames Rachel for taking that away from her.  To the point where she slapped Rachel clean across the face. Santana is destroyed because her runningmate won but she didn’t and she’s convinced it’s because they somehow know she’s gay. Brittany tells her that they probably don’t know that, but they can tell she’s not being herself.

All three of them are done. Kurt’s not going back in there, Quinn’s transferring and Santana’s going to bail in New York to live in a lesbian colony [which, I mean, sign me up].

But then…

Kurt’s like, wait. No. He can’t just leave. He’s going to march right back in there and take that crown he was so graciously offered by his peers.

Quinn has calmed down and Rachel isn’t pissed at her for lashing out.  Quinn tells her she’s scared and Rachel comforts her.

Brittany tells Santana that she believes in her and that she needs to go be there for Kurt, because he needs them right now. And I throw up my hands because THEY WERE SO CLOSE TO KISSING!

But still, this tender moment does prove my point. Brittany might not know the difference between a mallard and a slow song, but she knows people. She has a good heart.

Kurt bravely re-enters the gym and accepts his crown in front of a silent audience. His friends hold their breath as he approaches the mic, and he says, “Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton” and slowly but surely, the room starts to cheer.

As Santana and Mercedes start singing “Dancing Queen” for the prom King and Queen to dance to, Kurt tells Karofsky that this is his chance to come out.  His gay panic hits him hard, though, and he runs off and leaves Kurt standing by himself. Before he can get too downtrodden, his prince appears and joins him in a dance. Everyone else joins in and they’re just having the time of their lives.

Turns out it Brittany was right all along. Best. Prom. Ever.

~ by Valerie Anne on 05/16/2011.

11 Responses to “Gleecap 2.20 – Prom Queen”

  1. What song was playing on piano during this scene?

    “Kurt and Blaine are at breadsticks and Kurt oh so adorably asks Blaine to prom. Blaine recounts a horrible story about being gaybashed at a school dance. Kurt suggests that this is a chance to face his fears, but would totally understands if he didn’t want to. Blaine wants to be brave for his boy, so he agrees and Kurt squeals.”

    • So so it hits Google right, let me rephrase this.

      What song plays when Kurt asks out Blaine to prom in May 2011 to Prom at breadsticks. It’s a piano song in the background. I’m sure I’ve heard it in a movie before (Tarantino directed, perhaps?)

      It was nice. Does anyone know what song it was?

      • Unfortunately Hulu is blocked at work and the only link on Youtube I could find was poor quality. It sounded sort of familiar, but you’re right, it is lovely! I’ll listen again when I get home and ask around in the meantime. Now you’ve got me curious – we’ll figure it out!!

  2. Thanks for the response PhraseTurner. I think it’s modern. It sounds too modern to be Mozart or something classical.

    More like something someone would use in a Spaghetti Western movie or something, ala Tarantino.

  3. Ignoring all the voices of those two guys… I’m pretty sure it was featured in Tarantino film. I’m not sure if it was in Jackie Brown or not. I think it was, but my memory and that song is all mixed up.

    • Yeah, it’s also kind of hard to hear beneath their voices…

      • Well, obviously that too. It’s probably a bit played by their piano player… that guy i can’t name but i’m sure you can. I was and am honestly interested. it’s about 5:15+ in, if you downloaded it as a torrent.

      • My assumption is that it is a brilliant usage of the song for the same or similar reasons it was used originally.

  4. Yeah, I asked my twitter followers if anyone knew and someone said they thought it was just a score for the show – so it might have just been Brad 😉

    I’m sure they had their reasons for choosing it – kudos for picking up on it!

    • It’s not a brief pickup, it’s a score or a song to something else.

      • I think it’s probably something the creative people on Glee did themselves. It could be from a Tarantino movie, you seem pretty confident it is so I don’t know, I’m not good with his movies let alone his score.
        But I think it just sounds familiar to something he WOULD use. So I would say Brad did this.. If you find anything out though, where it’s from, it would be pretty interesting to know for sure 😉

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