Other Worldly

I don’t know what it is about supernatural shows that I love so much.

But I love them.

I guess technically my first supernatural obsession was the Power Rangers. They had pretty kick-ass super powers. And amazing transport-watches. And Amy Jo Johnson.

Then came Buffy. That show practically raised me.

There were many more along the way. Alongside Buffy was Charmed, from Buffy came Angel. In later years there would be Roswell, Xena, Ghost Whisperer, Hex, Being Human and so many more. Not to mention the supernatural movies.

Tonight I discovered Lost Girl.  I’m only two episodes in and I can already see a lot of parallels to Buffy, which I like. A lot. Helps that the main character is a smoking hot bisexual succubus.  Hullo.

But I have no idea what it is that draws me to these types of shows. I know it’s not a universal things. You either hate it or you LOVE it. You either think the idea of vampires existing is absurd or you secretly wish you were a vampire.  And I don’t know what makes a person one way or the other.

It’s funny, because it seems that most of the shows I love have to have one of two critical components. You either need to give me a character that I connect to on a deep, emotional level slash a character that I am intensely attracted to. Or you need to show me a world I know nothing about and teach it to me.  If you give me both? You win.

So far?

Lost Girl?

You. Win.


~ by Valerie Anne on 05/19/2011.

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