Joy and Sunshine

Drunk Valerie did alright for herself last night.  There are some typos in the post that will bother me until I die, but I resisted the urge to correct them because it’s more genuine this way. I was typing that while drunkenly trolling the streets. Before/during/after which I got McDonald’s and was tricked into getting a Frappe [pronounced frap-pay]. And oh my holy pancakes was it delicious. I had asked for a milkshake and the kind sir told me the machines were down and suggested one of these treats instead.  I had been curious about them anyway, so I said “Sure!”, probably a little too enthusiastically.



He could definitely tell I was drunk at this point.  I had been pretty good about composing myself until then, though it’s very likely I was teetering in my spot while I tried to focus on answering his questions and taking out my money.  Then, like the sales girl in Legally Blonde, he tried to take it one more step.


I might be drunk, but I’m not THAT drunk.

“Small is fine.”

I then happily jaunted off to the subway, where I nestled into a bench and munched away while waiting for my train to come, paying no mind to the potentially homeless man at the other end of the bench or the groups of people stumbling past.  It’s funny how invincible a little booze and a pair of headphones can make you feel. If I can’t hear the danger, it doesn’t exist. Surely nothing will go wrong with the sweet melodies of Sara Bareilles in my ears.  Fortunately, I was correct in that assumption.

By the time my train came, I had finished my snack wrap and fries and was happily sipping what ended up being Joy In A Cup.  I read some Harry Potter while drinking said Joy and waiting for my train and even though it was 3am and I wasn’t going to get nearly enough sleep that night, I was surprisingly alert and I was just so gosh darn content.

I had a fun night and I was reading a great book and I was going back to my lovely apartment and I was drinking Joy for goodness sake.

Totally worth the sleep deprivation.

And you know what?  I was at work until 8:30 last night [with an hour break at 6ish for a birthday party], so I didn’t even feel bad about taking an extra 20 minutes to shower this morning and clear my head before I got on the train.

So I got to work, after a beautiful walk in the sunshine from the subway [which I looked up and happens to be a mile] to my office building, smiling from the inside out.  When I got to my desk, I took out the large, wooden menu from the bar last night. Honestly, this thing was sticking out of my bag pretty obviously, I have no idea how I escaped the bar without anyone stopping me and taking it back.   It now sits on my shelf above my desk as a reminder of the laughter and happiness of last night.

~ by Valerie Anne on 05/27/2011.

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