Whoever invented brunch is a genius.

Mind you, it was probably an obese alcoholic who overslept and wanted an excuse to eat a big meal as soon as (s)he woke up and immediately start drinking.

But holy hell, am I glad it caught on.

First of all, mimosas are amazing.  Combining champagne and orange juice was another one of those ingenious ideas.  And the brunches I go to have unlimited mimosas. Unlimited!! You can choose ANY kind of food you want. Feel like an omelette? No problem. Want a sandwich? Done. The options are endless.

So to recap, brunch is a time where you’re allowed to drink at noon and eat breakfast for lunch and no one is allowed to judge you. In fact, it’s considered kind of classy.   No one really cares if you’re drunk at three in the afternoon and decide to take a nap in the park.  I’ve been to a handful of brunches in my day and I must admit, I’ve never met a brunch I didn’t like.

There’s really not much better than laughing with your friends and being full and tipsy out in the sunshine.

~ by Valerie Anne on 05/28/2011.

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