Baby It’s You

Today at work I get an email from  The subject was:


I was skeptical, but intrigued. So I clicked.

So, as I imagined, they weren’t FREE tickets. They were “free” tickets with a $5 handling charge. But $5 tickets to a Broadway Musical are pretty much free tickets, so I was elated.

First of all, Baby It’s You is a musical I was actually interested in seeing. I knew it was about the making of the group “The Shirelles” and doo-wop happens to be one of my favorite genres of music.  To be honest, though, I would have seen Skipping Rocks: The Musical on Broadway for $5.

I read the email over again to make sure it wasn’t a scam. I had gotten cheap tickets from this website before, and it all looked legit. What am I doing tonight? Let’s see…it’s Tuesday…so all I’d be doing is sitting at home whining that there was no new Glee on. I am ALL over this deal.

Tickets: purchased.

I considered inviting someone from work to go with me, but the email said something about acting fast and I’m a sucker for all of those infomercial one-liners so I panicked and bought a ticket. I could have asked someone after that and had them buy their own ticket, but by then I had grown rather keen on the idea of seeing a show on my own.

When I got to the theatre [after I picked up my ticket from a man outside a Starbucks. Not shady at all…], the first usher pointed across the room and said “Aisle 4”.  I looked over and was like, “Whoa, I’m on the floor?” and looked down at my tickets. Sadly, they were no help. They said E4 but as I was heading down Aisle 4 I could see no sign of Row E.  Luckily, I almost knocked an usher clean over, and she directed me up some stairs.

That’s right, stairs.

Because folks, I was in a freaking box.

Okay, so I have become aware that these tickets are often the cheap tickets given away or sold with incredible discount. However, I am still confused as to why.  I feel like the freaking Queen when I’m in a theatre box. I suddenly wanted opera glasses or a monocle. Possibly a top hat and a cape. I wanted to speak in a British accent and clap only with two fingers in the palm of my opposite hand.

Of course, this charade was quickly dissolved when the show started and the upbeat sounds of the music they called “hop” filled the air.

Leader of the Pack was one of the first songs I ever knew by heart. It’s My Party was sung at literally every single one of my birthday parties ever, and on numerous occasions in between.  My Boyfriend’s Back was oft performed for an audience of stuffed friends. This was the style of music my tiny self was bopping around to. Of course, I was also very into music of my time, but I rarely complained when my parents had the “Oldies” station on in the car when I was young.

Therefore, though two of these songs were not sung in this show, the songs that were performed were in the same style. Some I knew, some I didn’t. I loved them all.

My favorite thing about this musical, however, was that it had heart.  I, on principal, loathe “jukebox musicals”.  That is, musicals that use only preexisting songs.  These songs were all on the radio.  They’re not Broadway songs.  Also, musicals like this [and Jersey Boys, among others] that are about one band tend to have a lot of numbers performed under the guise of being in a concert. As in, they’re singing and everyone knows that they’re singing. No! A musical is supposed to be about people singing their feelings and thoughts and conversations as if that’s just something that happens.  No one is supposed to address the fact that singing is happening. At least not so often. The occasional throwout line about it is funny. In my opinion, if you’re going to use real songs, at least make them into a story. Like Mamma Mia – that show takes Abba songs and turns them INTO dialogue, thoughts and conversations. I like that.

However, Baby It’s You surpassed all of my expectation. They had a beautiful mix of concert-style performances and traditional Broadway song presentation. The lines were witty and cute, the actors were fun and talented. Not some of the best voices I’ve heard on Broadway, but still amazing.

It made me nervous that they were giving out tickets to a show – last time I paid $10 for a ticket it was for Wonderland, and that was not exactly my cup of tea [pun intended].  But I hope they were only doing it for this show to try to fill some extra seats and spread the word about this show. Because it’s really good and I think it’s worth seeing.

There you have it folks, my second theatre review.  Though this isn’t the first show I’ve seen since Wonderland. I saw Newsical: The Musical with my cousins and the only thing we had to say about it when it was over was “Er…parts of it were funny…and the impressions were pretty cool!”  So there’s that.

Hopefully I’ll be spontaneously seeing more shows for cheap in the future.

And chances are, I will.

Yet another reason I love this city.

~ by Valerie Anne on 05/31/2011.

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