Let’s Go To The Liiiibrary

Okay, that title doesn’t make that much sense if you can’t hear the way I said it. And even if you could hear me, you would only get it if you were one of the lucky few who got to play that typing game in computer class in elementary schools. You know, on the days that they wouldn’t let you play Oregon Trail. They wanted you to learn how to type properly.  So they let you play that game. There was this adorable little ghost, and it would take you into fun little rooms. The rooms would get all haunted and funny the better you did and the faster you typed. You could also go to the liiiiibrary and type out classic works of literature if you felt so inclined. I used to like to do Puss In Boots because of the way he said that. He had a fun way of speaking, that lil guy.

Anyway, my story today is not of ghosts or games. Nay, it is of libraries.

Today I was coming dangerously close to finishing the fourth Harry Potter book, but the fifth is far away at my parents’ house. I really thought it would take me more than two weeks to read the third and fourth books. The fourth book is gigantic. Alas, I am through. And I won’t be going to Boston until Saturday.

I weighed my options. If I had my mother send it to me, there would be a chance it wouldn’t get here before I left, and then it would be over a week being Harry Potter-less, and that simply won’t do. I tried to find it for my Nook, but for some inexplicable reason, it’s not an ebook yet.  I was talking this out with my friend, Christo, and I said, “Maybe I should go buy it at Barnes and Noble, read it very carefully until Saturday, then return it and continue reading in my own copy”.  She said, “Or you could go to the library. Since that sounds almost exactly like what a library’s about.”

She’s a genius.

So I start researching libraries. Many close early or are impossibly far. Finally I found one that wasn’t too far from my train and was open until 11pm [?!?!].  Also, it seemed they had plenty of Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix in stock.

The prospect of going to a library made me way more excited than it should have. What can I say, once a nerd, always a nerd.  I used to go to the library with my mother once a week and leave with a brand new pile of Babysitter’s Club or Sweet Valley High books tucked under my arm.  And even though this library wasn’t as pretty, structurally, as the one I grew up going to, just being in a building that has shelves and shelves of books makes me happy on the inside.

For me? Libraries were always sort of a magical thing. A quiet place where I could search for my next adventure.

However, today, I was not looking for adventure. I was on a mission.

I first checked the Teen Fiction section, where the internet said it would be. No dice. I could read literally a hundred vampire books or dozens of Gossip Girl books, but not a J.K. Rowling book to be found.

The regular fiction seemed to be on the second floor, so I decided to ask the information desk before I ventured forth.  When he asked how he could help me, I smiled somewhat sheepishly and said, “I’m looking for Harry Potter.”  If he was judging me, he didn’t show it, for which I was grateful. Instead he asked, “The movie or the book?” to which I winced a little.  I gave him my specifics and he basically did what I had done on my own computer and said, “There should be one in the Teen Fiction section.”

“I looked there and couldn’t find it…would it be anywhere else?”

“Looks like there’s one in Juvenile Fiction too, right over there.”

Well that’s embarrassing. But fine. Unfortunately, there was The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Not helpful.  As I was heading over to the escalator to check out the regular fiction upstairs, I passed a shelf that said, “Like the movie? Read the book!”.  Hopeful, I dashed over. I got very excited when I saw young Harry’s tousled hair! But then realized it was the sixth book.  The light hit the golden lettering on a solid black book on the other end of the shelf and I read, “Harry Potter” and picked it up. Sadly, this was the first book.

Not losing hope, I went up to regular fiction and found the R section, searching frantically for J.K. Rowling’s name.  Another brief flicker of hope – alas, the seventh book is living here.  Crushed, I continued on, searching the Mystery, Science Fiction and even the Horror shelves in vain.  Then I decided to check the Large Print section, just for giggles. My Nana would love this series!

Imagine my frustration when I see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire sitting there, all fat and sassy.

So I had found four books in three different sections of the library. Four out of the seven books. And not the one I needed.

The fates were laughing at me, I could tell.

The trip was not wasted, however, as I left that building with a brand new library card – my first in New York. I think I shall be back to this utterly unhelpful yet full of potential library.



~ by Valerie Anne on 06/01/2011.

4 Responses to “Let’s Go To The Liiiibrary”

  1. “or you could go to a library since that’s what a library is all about” TOO FUNNY. also I probably wouldn’t have thought of that either. it’s a brain like that that got her into grad school at harvard

    • Exactly! She is definitely Ivy League material. Very helpful to have around. 😉

    • Oh my gosh, you guys! I’m all blushing and flustered over here! hehe…Goodness. It didn’t hurt that i was SITTING in a library when I said that, by the way… 🙂

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