For those of you who even noticed I was missing, I am still alive.

I went to Boston for the weekend and decided to take a quick break from le blog. I was starting to feel overwhelmed and I didn’t want this to start feeling like a responsibility, since we all know how great I am at doing self-induced tasks.

I’m bad at it, for the record.

Let’s do this elementary school style, shall we?

Things I did on my staycation:

  • Went to a party at my cousins’ house! Played drinking games and accidentally bought ittttty bitty little beers. Drank my beverage from a Butterbeer cup. Ate some stolen Mac & Cheese. Was woken up at dawn by my brother, who apparently couldn’t sleep despite [or because of] the two dogs who had chosen him for a snuggle-buddy.
  • Went to dinner with some old friends [and a baby!] and got Pinkberry in Cambridge with them.  I was saying that Boston was actually a lovely place and before I could even get my sentence out my friend said, “You’re right, you should move back!” in one breath.
  • Taught my Nana how to use her new phone. She wanted her old ringtone, which happened to be a default tone specific for her old phone model. Unwilling to break her heart, I scoured the internet and after many failed attempts, finally succeeded in getting it for her. [This ended up involving downloading it on my computer, putting it on my phone, sending her a media message and downloading it on her phone…hopefully it sticks!]
  • WENT TO SEE CHRISTO! It was a glorious time. I met her imaginary friend who turns out to be not so imaginary after all. It was like an episode of Space Cases. Except she didn’t disappear. She felt sicky so we parted ways after we made sure my car hadn’t been towed from the Market Basket parking lot. This was not, however, before many a dramatic reenactment and a tour of the Harvard Divinity school.
  • Saw the filming of the movie I Hate You, Dad. It’s being filmed at the old high school in my city. I used to do shows there, so I’m so excited to see that auditorium on television. It’s an Adam Sandler movie and I saw the big man himself outside when I walked by!
  • The Thing I Went Home For – which I will discuss below.
  • Got ice cream at Dairy Maid – I know it sounds silly, but it’s a nostalgia thing. It was the only place we got ice cream from growing up, pretty much.
  • Watched Ghost Adventures with my little brother – because he loves me no matter how much he teases me! 🙂
And now, for the Thing I Went Home For…drum roll, please….
It was amazing. It was fun and adorable and just overall wonderful. Santana sang Valerie. Which is really all I needed. But there was so much more. I thought that maybe going to this concert would tide me over for a little while longer before Glee returns this fall, but really it only made the ache deeper. Those kids are superbly talented and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.
Anyway, I had a wonderful, relaxing few days in Boston and I’m feeling refreshed and ready to be back in New York.  I have a lot of fun things planned for the blog too, so if you’ve been diligent enough to keep checking back, you will soon be rewarded!

~ by Valerie Anne on 06/09/2011.

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