If I were an artist…

I’m currently in the final chapters of the final Harry Potter book.

If I were an artist, I would draw it all out. After the books, before the movies, I would draw the scenes that stuck out the most to me. I can picture them so clearly. I’ve said it before – a mark of a good author is when I remember your stories as if they were memories. As though it was something I actually witnessed, not just something I read about.

I wish I could draw these images in my head because I know as soon as I watch the movies, these images will be gone. My mind’s eye view of these stories will melt into the version that was put in front of my actual eyes.  Try as I might, most of the images I drummed up on my own will disappear forever. Some may cling to the back of my memory, but most will vanish.

Of course, there are a million other reasons I wish I were an artist. So many things I can see behind my eyes that I wish I could express.

My friend and I once decided that talent should be decided based on passion. For example, we were upset because we love Broadway and we would do unspeakable things to get on Broadway, but we’re just not talented enough to be on Broadway. Yet, there are people who have these talents that aspire to do nothing with them. One of my best friends from home has one of the most amazing singing voices I’ve ever heard, but she’ll barely even sing karaoke. Not because she’s shy – believe me, she’s not – just because it’s not something she necessarily enjoys. This blows my mind. I, on the other hand, absolutely love singing and would do it in front of everyone if I thought I was any good. But I’m not.

Passion does not always align with talent. It’s frustrating.


You can’t always get what you want.

But, if you try sometimes? You just might find…you get what you need.


~ by Valerie Anne on 06/21/2011.

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