My Thoughts Exactly: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

As I recently finished all of the Harry Potter books [in one month’s time], I have now taken on the task of watching the movies one by one. I have realized that I probably should have let more time pass because I remember too many details from the books, them being so fresh in my mind, and when they miss or skip things, I get a little frustrated. However, I’m now finished with the first two movies and I’m starting to learn to not sweat the small stuff. They couldn’t literally put everything or they would have been ten hour long movies, and though a lot of us would have gone to see them anyway, they probably wouldn’t have done as well.

While I was watching the first one, I found myself wanting to shout things at the television. Realizing this could hinder my enjoyment of the movies, I decided to instead put my thoughts into an email to my friend Christo entitled, “Running commentary on Harry Potter 1”.  I literally typed anything I was thinking at any given moment, as it came to me.

I then thought maybe other Harry Potter nerds like myself might enjoy my random musings, so I have cleaned them up a bit and I now present them to you. Warning: There could be spoilers up through all seven books.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

1. Harry is SO WIDDLE!

2. They’re skipping stuff and it makes me grumpy.

3. I hope they change the actress of Lily Potter before her storyline gets too big, because the Lily in this flashback did not look like my imagination.

4. Ginny Weasley is pretty cute. I have high hopes for her grown up self.

5. Ron Weasley is freaking adorable.


7. Dude, are they really not going to show Harry’s encounter with Draco on the train?! It’s the only reason he wishes not to be in Slytherin! WTF!

8. OMG Draco Malfoy is even adorable. They’re all such babies.

9. Oh. Well they had him meet inside Hogwarts..but he still never mentioned Slytherin…wtfffff

10. Whoa, no Sorting Hat song, either? These things are so important!

11. Oh okay, so Ron told him super briefly that Slytherin is evil.

12. I love that Susan Bones was just called. We shall see you again, Miss Bones.


14. I don’t know why I always assumed the Fat Lady was just a bust portrait. But I did. Alas, she’s ginormous.

15. Professor McGonagall is BOSS.

16. I just looked it up. It makes sense why they’re forgetting some things – the first movie was released before the fifth book was was released, so they didnt know some things that would end up being referred to again later.

17. HAHA HERMIONE “What an idiot.” I LOVE HER

18. Fred and George look far nerdier than I imagined them. I imagined them to be a little more handsome and “too-cool-to-care” looking.

19. I don’t remember Seamus being so bad at life. He’s blown up 2 things already. I thought that was usually Neville.

20. I have accepted this as a cliff-notes version of the book. Because they are just skipping soooo damn much.

21. Zomggg I love the surprise when they open the broom like the conspicuously wrapped package wasn’t so obvious.

22. The quidditch pitch is also a bit different than i imagined. Just the stands mostly.

23. Did we know lee jordan was black? I missed that. I knew Angelina was, but not Lee.

24. Aww happy Hermione as cute as sassy Hermione.

25. Ermm the presents are supposed to be at the foot of their beds. I really need to let go of these details that I only remember because I just read all the books in the past month.

26. The invisibility cloak is supposed to be silver *pouts*. It’s a damn good thing these kids are freaking adorable and the accents are addictive and the scenery/sets/costumes are magical…and that these kids are freaking amazing actors for being so itty bitty.

27. Ummm i’m probably going to have nightmares about Filch.

28. I want a music box that plays the Harry Potter music. They MUST exist.

29. Okay, a better close up shot in the Mirror of Erised shows me Lily is more like what I imagined than she was in the flashback. though James’s hair is far too neat and tidy.

30.Why aren’t they wearing their robes at all times? Where are they supposed to store things like their wands and the invisibility cloak? They’re dressed like Muggles. Pisshaw.

31. Omg brave Ron is brave. And adorable.

32. Omg scared Ron is also adorable.

33. If i were going through the Chamber of Secrets after someone who is also going toward the Sorcerers Stone, I would have bene like “WTF WHO HAS TIME FOR OVERSIZED GAMES?!


35. You would think this invisible mystical power would be better at chess than an 11 year old boy.

36. OMG HARRY AND HERMIONE BEING IN LOVE I don’t care what happens later, this was love. even though it developed into friendship love.

37. Though, she’s all “you’re a great wizard” but we haven’t seen him do a damn thing except fly his broom.

38. Wwwwwwwww Voldemort’s face on quirrel’s headdddd gwossss

39. You would think in a world where you can regrow bones, they would be able to make it so no one needed glasses. Yet harry and dumbledore both do. iiiiinteresting. Not that I would have my little bespectacled boy any other way.

40. Ahh there are the robes. 🙂 I’m going to start greeting people with “all right?”

41. NEVAH BETTAH omg Hermione your little accent, I want you in my pocket.

42. Umm what’s with the doofy hats in the great hall. I don’t remember those being necessary.

43. AND OMG Hermione’s bemused face at Slytherin winning! HOW ARE THESE KIDS SO GOOD AT LIFE?

44. Omg i’m so happy. It’s like I didn’t know they were going to win. I’m so happy and smiley

45. Awww that was too short! I want another!!! Stupid Netflix being all slow…they need to invest in some owls.

~ by Valerie Anne on 06/28/2011.

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