Karma? Bad Luck?

I think technology was angry at me for slandering it in my last post.

On the train, I wrote a lovely review of Bad Teacher.

Okay, “lovely” might not be the right word for it. But I gave it 3.5 out of 5 apples as far as modern day RomComs go. I even complimented Cameron Diaz. It was a short yet witty and informative post that may or may not have informed your decision on whether you will see this movie.

It could have been life changing, people!

Alas, my phone flipped out and decided that the good citizens of the world didn’t want to know what I thought of this cute little movie.

From now on, I’m posting from laptops only. I don’t trust these newfangled portable devices. Those dangflabbit dohickeys are unreliable.

Anyway, the conclusion to my forever lost post was that it was no Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but it was worlds above Something Borrowed.



~ by Valerie Anne on 07/07/2011.

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