My Thoughts Exactly: Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

Look, I’ve discovered the bullet function! That should help things along a little! I realized that I won’t be able to do one of these for the second half of the 7th movie, as I will be attending the midnight show and will most likely not want to take notes during it. So, this series will end with the first half, then I’ll have to find something else to do a running commentary of.
Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix
  • LOLZ at Dudley’s chain. He’s so tough…
  • I love that little moving picture of Lily and James. I want moving pictures.
  • Nymphadora Tonks, you are far sassier than I gave you credit for!
  • The Weasley twins just almost gave me a heart attack. Apparating is terrifying.
  • Awww Sirius-Harry bro-love.
  • Sirius’s smirk/wink at Harry wanting to join was perfection. Subtle but accurate.
  • When I was reading, I totally forgot to picture the London phone booths instead of US phone booths as the visitors entrance. Those red phonebooths are SO much more magical.
  • I’m glad they exchanged the Chokey for a chair for Harry’s trial.
  • I love that Dumbledore has his beard in a ponytail holder.
  • OH GOD I FORGOT ABOUT UMBRIDGE. I was like “ugh who is this annoying woman” and then I had flashbacks to the book. HEM HEM.
  • Voldemort in a tux?!?! Creepy.
  • Holy Thestral, batman.
  • Oh, hi, Luna. You’re delightfully insane.
  • Awwww, Ron standing up for Harry. TAKE THAT, SEAMUS!
  • Um…Harry? Ron just neatly handed you a best friend card and you tore it up and threw it back in his face. Rude.
  • OH GOD HER PLATE KITTENS MEW?! Her office is literally my worst nightmare. So many things in the ugliest shade of pink. So many ugly patterns. So many kittens.
  • Aww the way Hermione gently took Harry’s hand. ❤
  • You wouldn’t have to feel alone, Harry. If you let Hermione and Ron IN. Jeebus!
  • Awww baby Thestral!
  • Can I join you?! </3
  • Professor Umbridge: Sucking fun out of Hogwarts since Year Five.
  • HOW. RUDE. Poor Professor Trelawney. Professor McGonagall, yet again displaying her amazingness.
  • I’m glad that the fire-convo is no longer in the embers. The reflection in the flame is a lot less creepy.
  • Hermione just turned while the thunder and lightening cracked and it was like she was controlling it with her mind and it was PERFECT.
  • Hermione said Voldemort! She’s showing her solidarity to Harry. Huzzah!
  • Hermione just told Harry that Cho likes him because she’s adorable and Ginny’s face was priceless.
  • Bahahaha Filch setting up camp.
  • I just got chills at Harry’s, “If they can do it, why not us?”
  • Hermione’s so sly and Ginny’s still jealous.
  • That is a pretty intense first kiss.
  • Save Mr. Weasley!
  • Oh, come ON! We didn’t even get to visit Mr. Weasley in the hospital?
  • HELENA! I’m so excited for you to be part of my life, Bellatrix. You were my favorite Death Eater.
  • I love that Hermione’s Patronus is an adorable little otter.
  • You tell him, girlfriend!
  • Awwww he gave her a bicycle handle!!
  • HA! “I may vomit.” Oh, Snape. Your voice drips with hatred and I love it.
  • Aww, poor baby Snape.
  • HEM HEM. I hate youuu.
  • That swinging pendulum during the OWLs would be the most distracting thing ever.
  • How does it feel, Umbridge, to have your world fall down around you?! BWAHAHA!
  • Sianara, Umbridge! Those “filthy half-breeds of near-human intelligence” should make you comfortable.
  • “That was clever, Ron!” – she was so surprised! haha
  • Wrong. Wrong. They weren’t all supposed to hear the prophecy. The ball was supposed to break. WRONG.
  • Ginny is so badass. Love that girl.
  • I love when wizards and witches punch each other, because it’s so unnecessary that it’s way more meaningful.
  • Also, I love that Lucius has a sheath for his wand and whips it out like it’s a sword.
  • Sirius! Nooooooo!
  • Oh, Dumbledore, you up for a game of Elements Catch? I’ll throw you one, and you throw back another.
  • Harry’s happiness montage just warmed my heart. I love that he keeps going back to Hermione’s hug.
  • Oh, goodness that was lovely. I didn’t even mind that they skipped the entire adventure of all the rooms before the room of prophecies. Ok, I do mind. But it was a good movie nonetheless.

~ by Valerie Anne on 07/11/2011.

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