My Thoughts Exactly: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The movies are starting to get a lot less choppy, though I still don’t understand how anyone who has never read the books could possibly follow these movies. There are so many blanks that I’m able to fill based on my knowledge, only because I read the books. Though, I suppose these movies aren’t meant for them anyway, are they?

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

  • I’VE BEEN ON THAT BRIDGE! THE ONE THE DEATH EATERS ARE TWISTING! I WAS THERE! It was back in tact though, don’t worry!
  • Whoa, wait, what? Who is this Muggle chick hitting on Harry? She’s kind of cute, but she’s no Hermione. Or Ginny.
  • Ooh, the Ginny hug was a little more loving than the Hermione one. So cute.
  • ACK, MY HEART! The three of them sitting around, laughing. I’m so glad they included moments like this.
  • Bellatrix, I adore you in all your evil glory.
  • Tonks was supposed to save Harry from the train. But I suppose if it had to be someone else, Luna was a good choice.
  • Hermione beating Ron with her book, so precious.
  • HAHAH Boys will be boys, wrestling for the better book.
  • HERMIONE LOVES RON! She smelled toothpaaaaste ❤
  • Harry’s all proud of himself!
  • MESSY HAIR HERMIONE! She’s so cute.
  • Did Dumbledore just ask Harry about his love life? Again?
  • Aww “young” Dumbledore!
  • Baby Tom Riddle is so adorable. Really all the Tom Riddles are beautiful except the one with no nose or hair.
  • Ginny is just amazing.
  • HERMIONE WHY ARE YOU SITTING ALL ALONE? I would love to sit with you.
  • Hermione’s guilty/proud smile made me smile so big.
  • Between Hermione and Ginny, Harry didn’t stand a chance.
  • Hearing Hermione saying “snogging”?! BE STILL MY HEART!
  • Oh. My. God. Is Hermione drunk right now?!
  • Damnit, tortured girl, you totally ruined Hermione’s buzz.
  • Harry and Ron are talking about nice skin. I. Die.
  • THOSE SUNDAES LOOK MARVELOUS. Hey….Slughorn…Hi…How goes it…
  • Sparkly dress alert!
  • HARRY STOOD UP! Such a gentleman.
  • I. Want. Luna’s. Hat.
  • Brokenhearted Hermione is my least favorite Hermione 😦
  • Harry and Hermione’s heart to heart. I’m dying. When Ron came in with Lavender, Harry’s hand went to her leg for protection and comfort. HE’S HOLDING HER! I think I like them as best friends even more than I wanted them to be together.
  • Yes, I definitely like them as best friends. Hermione just thwacked him over the head and it was perfect.
  • Hermione’s dress is beautiful and her terror is the best.
  • Ginny’s not looking too shabby, herself!
  • Oh my. Lavender Brown is a right nutter, eh?
  • Oh, Ron. You cockblock.
  • Ginny tying his shoelace? That’s one sneaky way to get a little closer.
  • I honestly don’t know which was more stupid, Harry running after Bellatrix or Ginny running after him. You don’t run TOWARDS the super-powerful, slightly deranged DEATH eater. She is not a bunny eater or a cookie eater. She. Eats. Death.
  • Infatuated Ron is my second favorite to Confident Ron
  • Won-won. Gwoss.
  • Oh, Lavender, you’re insufferable.
  • Every interaction between Hermione and Harry in this movie has made me squeal a little.
  • RIP Little Birdie. Draco, if you’re crying over a little bird, how do you expect to MURDER someone?
  • There are just so many artistically beautiful – as in, aesthetically pleasing – shots in this movie.
  • I’m prettttty sure Ginny wasn’t there when he hid the book in the room of requirement, but I will approve of this change if I get a kiss out of it.
  • YES!
  • OMG Harry on Felix potion is the best. It’s like he downed a Four Loko.. So determined and cleverly blunt!
  • Did this fish story happen in the book?! I would have cried when my LilyFish went away! 😦
  • Awww. Knowing what I know, that scene is sad. Snape doesn’t want to go through with it!
  • Dumbledore crying and not wanting to drink just near killed me.
  • Aaaand I almost just peed when the dead thing just grabbed Harry’s arm.
  • I’m so nervous. Don’t open the cabinet, Malfoy! Nooooo. It’s the beginning of the end.
  • Though, Bellatrix is looking lovelier than ever.
  • I love when the bad guys spill their guts right before they do what they came to do, allowing time for someone to come interfere.
  • That “please” was just as heartbreaking out loud as it was in my head. RIP Dumbledore </3
  • Of course, everyone is walking down the perfectly appropriately sized walkway and Bellatrix decided to stomp around on tables. This is why I love her.
  • NOW SHE’S SKIPPING. She’s the best.
  • Why is everyone raising their wand?? OMG I’m going to cry. Here come the tears. They got rid of the Dark Mark. <3<3
  • You would think, knowing this was coming, I would have been better at handling it.
  • Haha He is thick, Hermione. It always seems to surprise him that you’re all in this together. Til the bitter end.
  • Fawkes didn’t even sing his sad song of mourning and I still shed a lil tear.
  • I’m so glad there are two more movies but I CAN’T BELIEVE THERE ARE ONLY TWO MORE MOVIES!

~ by Valerie Anne on 07/12/2011.

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