Blue Ribbon Day

Things I did today:

  • Got dressed in a t-shirt with the PBR logo.
  • Walked to work, stopping to get coffee on the way.
  • Put on a hat made from a PBR sweatband and a PBR box. Also a necklace made from ribbon and an empty PBR can.
  • Played bocce.
  • Watched an egg-toss.
  • Played half an inning of kickball.
  • Ate lots of food.
  • Played a live version of Family Feud.
  • Ate lots of desserts.
  • Shoved my face into a tin full of whipped cream to find ten green grapes that I then deposited into an empty tin.
  • Poured water over my head from a gallon jug to wash some of said whipped cream off of my face/neck and out of my hair.
  • Watched a coworker, who may be the manliest man in our entire office, play jump rope with a giant rope.
  • Played girls vs. boys tug-of-war. Girls plotted against the boys and let go after three seconds. Technically the flag was on their side, but they all ended up on the ground and we didn’t. So I think we won.
Today was our company’s summer outing. It was mandatory. If you didn’t go, you had to take either a sick or vacation day.
I got paid to do all of the aforementioned activities.
This is why my coworkers are also my friends. This is why meetings don’t make us want to tear out each others’ jugulars with our teeth. This is why we’re constantly supporting each other and coming up with new and great ideas.
This is why I love my job.

    ~ by Valerie Anne on 07/15/2011.

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