Do You Copy?

Mayday!! Mayday!!

I feel like one of those explorers you see on tv. You know, the ones who are lost in a snowy cavern somewhere who have lost all modes of communication. They shake and hit their walkie talkie, trying to use what limited reception they have to give out their location to anyone who is listening before their battery dies and just hope someone comes before nightfall, when they will surely freeze to death!!

Except I just have a computer virus. I still have my phone and my iPod.

It’s just that I had a Gleewind Gleecap ready and waiting for tonight. All it needed was a few gifs and it would have been good to go. Alas, while I was looking through gorgeous Brittana gifs, my computer had a Brittana sex riot and ceased to function.

Thanks to the kindness of strangers on twitter and having had forethought enough to collect some smart friends on Facebook, I think I’m on my way to curing this virtual chlamydia.

So I write you from the disconnected, bleak world of the non-laptop. I have no links or pictures to offer you. All I can do is crackle through my spotty reception and ask you to hold out hope that my poor, weak laptop might be rescued in the eleventh hour. It’s too young to die!

I’ll make communication again as soon as I can.

Over and out.


~ by Valerie Anne on 08/01/2011.

2 Responses to “Do You Copy?”

  1. Worst luck ever? I feel like you don’t have a computer oooh every 6months?

    • for serious. it’s okay, i fixed it this time. i really do have really awful luck with technology. it’s also possible i just abuse my technology. jury’s still out.

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