Doodle Palooza

So, I had this idea.

This idea came to me because I noticed that my motivations for certain things and my allotted time for said things are not exactly aligned with one another.

I was having a hard time trying to come up with a way to explain this when I realized that the best way to do so was to make a Venn Diagram.

It is not exactly the highest quality, but I think it gets my point across.

As you can see, I often feel creative while I’m at work. Alas, cannot do any personal, creative writing at work.  Also, though not explicitly listed here, a lot of that space that is not filled by work yet does not overlap with free time, I am usually thinking creative things in the shower, on the train, or anywhere else where it is not practical (or possible) for me to be writing.

Also please note the size of the “Time I feel like being productive” bubble.

I hope this helps you understand my daily struggles.

As proof of this inability to align what-I-have-time-for with what-I-feel-like-doing, I got a little sidetracked whilst making this Venn Diagram.

You see, I made the circles and contemplated how I would add the text. I considered just using text boxes, but that seemed too dull.  I thought to myself, “I wish I could just WRITE on it. That would make it feel more personal.”  I tried a few letters with my little touchpad and it looked like someone gave an old sharpie to an epileptic lemur that was missing two fingers on each hand.

Then I remembered something. I once owned a magical piece of technology. I rooted around my room for far less time than I thought I would need to and eventually unearthed my Bamboo “pen” and “pad”.  I’m sure these have some fun, fancy, techy name.  All I know is that it helped me kick some MAJOR ass in iSketch one summer.

I was quite excited by this re-discovery. I filled in my Venn Diagram pretty quickly. (I promise my handwriting is much neater in real life – in fact, I can have Kindergarten Teacher handwriting when I want to. But believe me, that was a major improvement over what it would have been using only the trackpad.) After finishing my diagram, I wasn’t quite ready to stop. It was just so easy, sitting there with my stylus in hand.

And so, I started to doodle.

Look, I said “doodle”. I didn’t say, “I started to create the greatest Paint masterpiece of all time”.  If I had, THEN maybe I’d understand the scoffing. However, I am aware that I am the worst computer artist in the history of computer artists. In real life, I am not much better, but at least I feel like I have a little more control.

Well, more control in the sense that I feel like what I ask my hand to do and what happens is more in line than it would be if I was using my laptop alone. Not more control in the sense that I have any say over what pops into my brain.

I just wanted to draw something. for some reason, unicorns popped into my head. It’s possible that my gayness was bubbling up inside me and that anyone of the homosexual persuasion was actually a unicorn in a previous life. I do not know.

I then was trying to think of something else to draw.  And cannot possibly come up with even the most abstract reasoning behind what I came up with.

Welcome to the randomness that is my brain. Do you understand now why it’s so hard for me to live in this world where people keep asking me to make sense and be normal??

Not quite ready to stop playing with my newfound [though long possessed] toy, I decided to turn to my friend Christo. We had been talking via gchat, but I had not let her on to my joy filled excursions. We had been chatting about Glee [evidence supporting above diagram] and I interrupted her gushing over the hotness of Puck to ask her a question. I told her to pretend we were playing MadLibs and asked her to give me a noun. She answered, “Right now? Guitar.” She tried to tell me this made her a bad MadLibs player, since that was the last thing she saw on Glee.

It was too late, I was inspired.

At first I considered making a Happy Guitar. Similar to Happy Toast. But in guitar form.

But that seemed too obvious.

So was born….Toon!Puck

I then was like, “Well, hey! He’s kind of adorable! I will make ALL OF THE GLEE KIDS!!”

Naturally, my first attempt was going to be Brittana.

As it turns out, I really lucked out on the whole fauxhawk thing and I nearly threw my laptop – Bamboo Fun and all – across the room after five minutes of trying to perfect Toon!Brittany’s confused face.

So, the other members of New Directions will take a little more time to master. Plus, if I had more patience, I would have made Puck’s guitar look a little less like a dead manatee.

However, I now have a newfound obsession with my doodling capabilities, and while this passion will last approximately 72 hours (if that), I hope to get some quality giggles out of it in that time.

I am open to any requests for doodles. Preferably animals, inanimate objects and/or inanimate objects made animate. I will attempt everything suggested (considering there’s only a .006% chance anyone will request anything at all) and promise I will enjoy doing so. I can also promise the result will be of equal or lesser value to the above works of art. 


~ by Valerie Anne on 08/05/2011.

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