One of my favorite things about the point I am at in my life right now is my ability to see the silver lining everywhere I go. I seem much more willing and able to take things in stride and see the glass half full.  I can not only make lemonade, but I can make lemon meringue pie.

Any other cliches about being a cock-eyed optimist? No? Okay. Moving on.

Recently, I’ve been noticing an advantage of a particular…flaw of mine. For lack of a better word. In fact, this can be problematic sometimes, but I’ve also found that it comes in handy.

I do not have the best short-term memory.

My mother used to joke that if she sent me upstairs to get or do three things, that I would remember two of those things, but one of them would definitely be forgotten. Not necessarily the third thing, mind you. Just one of those three things. Without fail.

I think it’s because there is so much going on in my brain at any one time, PLUS all the things going on in life at any one time. I get distracted.

Very easily.

However, forgetting things almost instantly can be a useful tool.

For example, on any given Saturday afternoon, I could have this internal monologue going on:

“Ooh i know, I’ll go get some coffee! Yes! I’m excited about this idea! That will be fun. First, I’m just going to go on the computer and check my email and go to the bathroom and get a glass of water. Ah, that water was good! I wonder what else is happening on the internet… Hmm nothing, really… I’m kind of bored. OH YEAH I WAS GOING TO GO GET COFFEE! WOO!”

I’m not even exaggerating.

This makes things like grocery shopping a set-up for repetitive bursts of happiness. If I stock my fridge for a week or two, I am regularly surprised by the wonderful foods living in my cabinets, fridge or freezer. “OH MY GOODNESS, I HAVE PEROGIES?! I FORGOT I BOUGHT THOSE! BEST DAY EVER!” Or, “Hm, I’d really like a snack right now. I know I don’t have any, but I’ll stare into my cabinet full of boring pasta anyway. OH LOOK! GOLDFISH!! HOORAY!”

Et cetera.

The joy can be doubled when you have a friend with a similar affliction.  Senior year of college, I lived in a four person suite and we each had our own single bedrooms. One of these girls was one of my best friends. She would come knock on my door and ask if I wanted to watch Buffy. I’d agree that this was a fabulous plan and start to pull out the DVDs, when she’d suggest we go get coffee first. We would do so [the people at the closest Dunkin knew our orders by heart] and head back to our rooms.  When we got to the common room, we’d stand there kind of awkwardly for a second, not wanting to part but not sure what to do next. Then one of us would remember our plans to watch Buffy, and we would both get excited as if it was a brand new idea.  This also worked in reverse with, “Do you want to get a coffee when we finish this disc.”

It’s like the infant who keeps forgetting his feet exist and whenever he sees them, finds them utterly hilarious.

Some people call me forgetful. They laugh at me when I write something on my hand, and laugh even harder when I explain to them that it’s because if I write it on a piece of paper, I’ll just forget I wrote it down or forget where the piece of paper is. I say it keeps things interesting.

Besides, they say a chaotic mind is a sign of genius.

I think.

I might be remembering that wrong…


~ by Valerie Anne on 08/15/2011.

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