Le Tired

I forgot to write anything today.

My brain is tired.

My body is tired.

I’m tired.

I’ll write awesome things this weekend.

Or I won’t.

Here, I’ll give you something to think about…

Why do they say “be careful what you wish for, ’cause you just might get it“?

Isn’t that the point? Aren’t you wishing for it because you want it? Why are they making it sound like it’s a bad thing? I mean, if you’re making your wishes to a sassy genie who might take your words too literally, I’d get it. Like if you wished you could fly and then sprouted these huge, awful, heavy wings. But then it would be more like “be careful what you wish for, be super specific, otherwise that bitchass genie will screw you over”.

Besides, most of our wishes just kind of go out into the universe, with no guarantee whether or not they’ll come true. If a wish of ours DOES come true, more likely than not, we worked for it. We made it happen. Whether we realized it or not, we probably did something to make sure our wishes came true. I used to wish on 11:11 every day that I would get into grad school. I did, but I have a feeling it wasn’t because of compulsive wishing. Even if it was…I don’t think I was particularly careful about it. And it all worked out.

So maybe I’m missing something. But this “warning” doesn’t really make sense to me. I say, wish with reckless abandon. Throw caution to the wind and wish to your heart’s content.

Haters be damned.


~ by Valerie Anne on 08/19/2011.

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