Packing Rat

Things I found while packing that I was only vaguely aware of owning or thought were lost forever.

  • My digital camera and Flip Video Camera
  • More coins than a parking meter sees in a day
  • A “No Parking” sign for the filming of Blue Bloods
  • Beta Fish food
  • Many single earrings
  • An Annalee doll ornament, still in its box
  • A pen shaped like an arm whose hand was giving a peace sign
  • Vanilla scented body glitter
  • A pinwheel
  • More beads than a nudist would get at Mardis Gras
  • An awful lot of makeup for someone who only wears mascara and eyeliner and only sometimes
  • A bird whistle
  • At least six mini-containers of Play-Doh
  • Enough Clinique bags to open my own store
  • A ShamWow

Packing is weird. And messy. And kind of annoying.  Okay, VERY annoying. Like, I spent an entire year getting all of my stuff shoved into just the right corners where I would never be able to find it, but it was mostly out of my way, and now you want me to take it all out? Organize it? CONDENSE it?!?!

Not to mention, I’m kind of a pack-rat. Not a hoarder – I recognize trash when I see it. I just…tend to hold on to things that most people don’t think to keep. Like ticket stubs or playbills or little notes people wrote me.  So this time, while I was packing, I tried to bring myself to let go of things I didn’t need anymore. For example, the receipt part of ticket stubs. Or movies I don’t remember who was with when I saw them. And a lot of shoes I haven’t worn in the past two years. And a bag that had a broken handle and a giant hole.

It was harder than it sounds.

But as much as the process of moving can suck a lot, it’s a good thing. Especially for me, especially because I have a steady job now. Throughout college, my life was constantly changing. Every semester I’d have new classes, every year I’d be in a new classroom for either America Reads or Student Teaching, every summer I’d go home and every semester or two, I’d have a new job. I grew accustomed to having to adapt to a change of pace every once in a while.  So, now that I’ve been at my job for almost two years, it’s great that I’m moving for the second time since starting it.

Even in the best books, you don’t want one chapter to go on for too long. Eventually, the chapter needs to end and a new one has to begin for the story to continue.

I’m ready to turn the page.

~ by Valerie Anne on 08/29/2011.

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