True Friendship, Realized

In high school, there was a fairly small group of us the teachers called “The Honors Kids”.  This was just because we were the ones who were in most, if not all, honors classes. There was a group of probably about 40 of us total, usually 20-25 in each class at a time. By Senior year, we had all had multiple classes together. My freshman year, there were about 12-15 of us who shared almost the same exact schedule.

We formed a tight bond pretty quickly and were nearly inseparable. There were about 10 of us who were always together in some combination, though rarely all of us together at once.  However, there was something weird that had happened. All of my friends had at least one class with this girl who I had never met. She came up in conversation pretty often, something funny she said, something awesome she did, a smart answer she gave. From what I could tell, she was pretty awesome. I just wasn’t entirely positive she existed. I wondered how, in a class of less than 200 students, could I have not even MET this girl who was apparently also in most if not all honors classes. It was confusing, but I did find it kind of funny. She was like their Snuffleupagus. They kept telling me all about her, but I couldn’t see her, so I was starting to doubt that she was real.

Then, finally, the day came. It wasn’t til Sophomore year, but I finally met this mysterious girl. I sat in my assigned seat in my brand new Geometry class.  The seats were in pairs, a few rows of desks smushed together in twos, and I somehow discovered the name of the girl next to me.  Oddly enough, she had a similar reaction to meeting me. It seems she had felt the same way about me – that I might only exist in the stories of our mutual friends – and this connected us instantly.

I don’t remember what our first conversations were about, all I know is that we were already bonding over our inability to not giggle during moments of silence less than two weeks into school.  I remember laughing and talking with her and our other friend every class. I remember the three of us having a long discussion about “infinity” and how terrifying it is. I had never had such amazing conversations with someone who understood what I was talking about so specifically. I had never met anyone who made me smile and laugh half as much. I had never known anyone as smart, as caring or as genuinely good as her.

I still haven’t.

I have since come to know her as Christo, and so that is how I present her to you.  We remained close throughout the rest of high school, and even through Freshman year of college. Though I will never understand why, there was a period of a few years that we somehow lost touch. We’d still throw friendly comments around on Facebook, but we didn’t talk nearly as regularly as we used to.  Finally, we reconnected – we had both grown, separate, but we had not grown apart. We had many stories to share and feelings to express. We spent more and more time talking and now, thanks to the magic of technology, we talk every single day. We talk about nothing, we talk about everything. We talk just to be “with” each other. And it’s perfect.

I am still regularly amazing by this girl’s overall goodness.  She is sweet and she is kind and she is selfless. She is everything I hope to be, she is everything I wish others were. She knows things about me I barely know myself. She has been through so much, though it’s easy to forget that, since she exudes this brilliant, loving glow. She is witty beyond comparison – she makes me laugh so hard I cry on a regular basis, even just through the internet.

We are similar in so many ways, it’s uncanny. We think similar things, we like similar things. Yet we are not the same. Which I think is what makes us so compatible.

Christo is one of the reasons I survived high school. My friends were my support group, without them, I wouldn’t be here.

Christo is one of the reasons I survived coming out. I have been lucky enough to have met little resistance in this process, but being one of the first people I talked to when I started expressing my confusing feelings, and being a religious person, her support was something that helped me feel confident that the people I love would love me all the same.

Christo is one of the reasons I haven’t lost faith in God. She has helped me see something that my Catholic School upbringing failed to teach me – you can believe in God without being tied down to 100% of the beliefs of one organized religion. She reminds me, just in her words and actions, that there is Good in the world, even though sometimes all we can see is bad.

Christo is the reason this blog exists. If it wasn’t for her support, I never would have started it. If it wasn’t for her continued support, I would have abandoned it months ago.

Therefore, I am thrilled to share with you [something for which I’ve been waiting for what feels like years]:

Christo’s blog.

Christo has a lot to offer the world, and you are fortunate enough to have a chance to take a peek into the workings of that fabulous mind.  Please read and be touched and moved, as I was.

I know I Turn Phrases a lot here, I use my words and I usually feel confident that I conveyed what I meant. I don’t, however, think that any of my words could possibly describe how amazing this girl is. In my nine years of knowing her, I have never once felt that our friendship was one-sided. Something I can only say for a handful of others. In her, I have discovered what true friendship is.

She’s my best friend and I’d be lost without her.

~ by Valerie Anne on 09/09/2011.

3 Responses to “True Friendship, Realized”

  1. haha about two sentences in I was like “christine!” and then I thought about the first time I met her in homeroom. i don’t remember if I liked her socks or if she liked mine buuuut that’s what happened lol

    • She’s quite impressionable, that one. And that’s amazing that you bonded over socks!! Miss you, Esmerelda!!

    • I’m pretty sure I liked your socks. Haha, I’m sitting here giggling to myself thinking about some of the moments we had…

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