Questions Unanswered

Did unicorns ever exist? If they didn’t, who thought them up? Why are they so commonly talked about and depicted if they literally never existed? And dragons?

I won’t lie, I remember the moment I realized that dragons were never real. I was far too old to be having this realization, but for some reason I had just sort of lumped dragons in the dinosaur category and never really doubted their existence.  And who thought THEM up? I mean, there were flying dinosaurs, right? Who’s to say that none of them breathed fire?

I’m not saying they held princesses captive or anything. But why is it impossible to think that dragons had sky races with pterodactyls? Or that the animals we call horses once had pretty little horns in the middle of their foreheads?

I wonder if one day someone was like, “I really wish horses had wings.” And then this whole folklore was created about this creature called a Pegasus.  Or if the ancient Greeks really did see a horse fly.

People dismiss these things as fantasy all the time. But how did it start? How do we know it’s fantasy?

To quote Taylor Swift [shut up, just go with it], “Maybe it’s me and my blind optimism to blame”. I just find it impossible to totally dismiss these things as 100% fiction. For this reason, I still believe in magic. I don’t have high hopes that someday I’ll be able to move objects with my mind, or that I’ll meet a witch that can light candles with her breath, but I just don’t see how something can have such a rich, detailed history and prevail throughout the years and not have any truth to it.

Call me foolish, call me childish, but I’m very okay with believing in things that others insist can’t be real.

The way I see it, if it can’t be proven with absolute certainty, it’s your choice to believe or not believe. Why not have more in your life instead of less?


~ by Valerie Anne on 09/12/2011.

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